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Five easy ways to style wide-leg pants for plus-sized ladies!

Five easy ways to style wide-leg pants for plus-sized ladies!

Wide-leg pants are a plus-size woman’s lifesaving essential, and here are easy ways to style them based on Pinterest inspirations.

As a curvy woman myself, I have always struggled to find clothes that fit me in the right places. Not until wide-leg pants made a comeback in the last five years. Aside from the comfort, wide-leg pants also help in slimming your figure and accentuating your curves. So, say goodbye and good riddance to your skinny jeans and say hello to these thigh-friendly bottoms.

So, here are five easy ways to style wide-leg pants for plus-sized ladies!

basic shirts

Basics are always easy to style and easy to pair. Thus, it is also the best and most accessible option for a casual look with wide-leg pants. You could never go wrong with a simple tee, flowy wide-leg pants, and a pair of sneakers or boots if you are running late for work. Just make sure to tuck your shirt in to show off your curves.

tight tops

Another way to accentuate your waist is to wear something tight-fitting on top. This produces a flattering pear shape figure, bringing the focus up to the upper part of your body with the wide-leg pants. This is a good option if you are uncomfortable showing your stomach and thighs but still want to also look sexy and slim.

puffy blouses

If you want an hourglass figure, go for a puffy top. Perhaps something with bell sleeves or puff sleeves that goes slim at the bottom. The volume that the puff brings to your upper part balances well with the shape of the wide-leg pants, creating a cinched waist.

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A classic button-down is a definite essential in your closet. Whether you wear it as it is with a pair of high heels or layer it over a tank top, there are many ways to work with button-downs. Thus, the best thing about it is that you could wear it in any situation may it be for work or for a brunch date with the girls.

flaunting your skin

Finally, never be afraid to show some skin! In fact, my favorite way to style wide-leg pants is by wearing a v-shape tank top or crop top. The trick here is finding your greatest asset, whether that be your collarbones, waist, or chest area. Moreover, it is always important to not drown yourself in fabric and show off your body as comfortably as you can.

If in doubt, a pair of wide-leg pants is always the answer. Fashion is not about having a certain body type. Fashion is about being confident and feeling your best with what you are wearing.

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