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How Kindness Can Go A Long Way: Understanding Different Disorders

How Kindness Can Go A Long Way: Understanding Different Disorders

Kindness can go a long way because it can be passed on from person to person. In addition, everyone has untold issues that could affect their mental health. Everyone has problems but not everyone struggles the same. In this manner, people cannot invalidate others just because someone seems to have it worse.

Reasons to treat people with kindness.

We need to choose kindness and understanding in treating people because of their struggles that we don’t know about. Nowadays, mental health has enough importance because the brain can also malfunction, just like other organs.

In anatomy, the brain controls the body and interprets senses. Furthermore, it can malfunction that could affect the behavior of a person. Furthermore, different triggers may also cause the organ to malfunction.

In addition, some people develop mental illnesses because of the kind of treatment and the environment that they grew up in. Furthermore, some people refuse to get their mental health checked because of stigmas. In the end, it may result in unresolved issues and disorders.

Mental and Personality Disorders affecting the behavior

1. Anxiety

This normally can be the body’s response to stress. Moreover, can also be defined as the fear of future happenings that make a person nervous. However, if the feeling of anxiety worsened, then the person must get checked for treatments. According to Healthline, anxiety may cause unusual behaviors such as acting out, performing poorly in school or at work, skipping social events, and even engaging in substance or alcohol use. However, treatments may include talk therapies and taking medications.

2. Depression

This common and serious medical illness affects the feelings, way of thinking, and behavior of a person. Moreover, it mostly affects the person negatively. According to American Psychiatric Association, this mental illness can make a person lose interest in once enjoyable activities, it can also change the appetite of a person and cause them to lose energy, etc. However, this illness includes medications and talk therapy as a treatment.

3. Borderline Personality Disorder

This personality disorder may be new to some, but all three of them need treatment as early as possible. Moreover, this might cause the person to have issues with their self-image, managing emotions, behavior, and may have a pattern of unstable relationships. According to Mayo Clinic, the effects of this disorder include: intense fear of abandonment and having impulsive mood swings. However, can be treated using medications and talk therapy. Hospitalization can also be recommended by the doctor for safety.

To conclude, the listed mental disorders would be just a bit of other mental illnesses. For the assurance of everyone, try to consult a psychologist for a check-up.

Such mental disorders have a case-to-case basis depending on a person. Moreover, encouraging them for a check-up can be an act of kindness. From that, they will be given an accurate diagnosis depending on their own experiences.

Things must go both ways. The person with the illness will go to therapy, and the other must choose to be kind not to add to their issues. I am not a psychology student. However, treating people with kindness can help them in resolving their own issues.

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