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Failing grades worry students, causing anxiety and unnecessary panic

Failing grades worry students, causing anxiety and unnecessary panic

As the pandemic ravages on and amid the ECQ, students all across the country are left concerned. Classes may be disrupted, but students are expected to comply with their schools’ requirements. When all eyes are turned to DOH, the Department of Education may have fallen on deaf ears. This has caused so much anxiety and unnecessary panic for the Filipino youth.

Virtual classrooms have become commonplace, especially to some privileged schools. But how about those public schools who are the majority of their students don’t have access to the Internet and a laptop? The harsh reality is a lot of our students don’t have those resources. Should we let them flunk and retake their classes next year?

Stern Professor Requires Strict Compliance

Others argue that the students have so much time at their disposal to complete what’s required. A professor from a prestigious University asked some students not to be entitled and not choose their University if they’re not prepared to work hard and not appeal to the emotions of the professors by using this pandemic.

FEU Professor Rants Over ECQ

The post went viral on social media and has received harsh criticisms for the professor’s lack of empathy and compassion.

Netizens’ response to FEU Professor

Photo Credit to Genesis Lansangan and Mike Chua

With us, I’ve used Ateneo’s declaration to pass everyone. Classes were halted and it was unexpected. We’re supposed to have the final exam of graduating students so my question is where can we get the grades. Then I told the teachers that the number 1 concern and priority is safety. I just hope that it would be for the best and use this valuable time for their future. There were teachers who agreed and others who don’t. Then I saw this post from our former student, he’s taking up Education at PNU. I told them, see this was your student who somehow inspires to be like you. Perhaps the ideology comes from you, don’t disappoint him.“, Miss Ma. Aileene Dela Cruz said. She’s the Principal of Arellano University Jose Rizal High School Malabon.

Miss Ma. Aileene Dela Cruz, Principal Arellano University Jose Rizal Malabon

Students Beg Understanding & Compassion

But since the lockdown was imposed, no one can go outside to rent at an Internet shop. “It’s difficult because I have classmates who can’t submit their assignments on a set date since they can’t go outside. It’s frustrating. Since we’re graduating from Senior High, some are trying to catch up for them to be considered graduates. It’s just sad that we can’t march, but I know it’s for the best. Good thing my teachers are patient and understanding of this unfortunate situation“, Patricia Janine Javier said. She’s graduating Senior High from Arellano University Jose Rizal High School Malabon.

Janine Javier Graduating from Arellano University Senior High Jose Rizal

What is the government’s advice?

Several schools are opting to make up for lost time with online classes, following an advisory from the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) that encourages schools to use “available distance learning, e-learning, and other alternative modes of delivery in lieu of residential learning if they have the resources to do so.”

In my opinion, this memorandum is preposterous if not downright unreasonable. Have they considered those who lack resources such as connectivity? If you expect someone to deliver, isn’t it a responsibility to help them achieve it? Are they being set-up for failure?

Picture from Patricia Janine Javier

Benefits of Online Classes

Online classes are beneficial as it is efficient as you can learn at your own pace. It also teaches you discipline as there’s so much distraction when you’re in the confines of your homes. Those who are neglectful will surely not be able to comply and those who are diligent will be rewarded. So the power is truly in the learner’s mind. No wonder, Open University Systems just like the Open Universities of UP and PUP, has gained a lot of popularity. But is it even important during this crisis? Are we giving them unnecessary stress?

Why is it important to just pass everyone?

This terrifying crisis has wreaked havoc on everyone. The fear of the unknown and the uncertainty of what lies ahead are causing us sleepless nights. This is also the case for some kids who tend to be overthinkers and are mature beyond their age. Giving them schoolwork in these trying times is an injustice in itself.

“Giving pass marks to all students is the most humane way of dealing with student grades under the circumstances where it is difficult to and unfair making a judgment of failure, considering that students have not been given the benefit of a full semester to improve their performance,” Ateneo vice president Maria Luz Vilches said in a memorandum. This action is commendable and has to be emulated by all school administrations.

What’s more important now more than their grades is their mental health and safety. They shouldn’t be burdened anymore by this. What needs to be focused on at home is how can we transform their thinking towards creativity, how can we make them closer to God, and rekindle their relationships at home. Should you give them a passing remark, it can be life-changing for them and probably the best gift to give the youth who are the future of this nation.

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