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Faces We Encounter During Our Commutes: Jeepney Version

Faces We Encounter During Our Commutes: Jeepney Version

The jeepney remains one of the common (and iconic) modes of transportation in the Philippines. Another common thing revolves around people sitting through heavy traffic. Along with the long wait, the vehicle remains fully packed with the intense heat or, sometimes, rain. Even then, people still choose to commute using the jeep. With so many hours ahead of sitting with eighteen people or so, you’re bound to become accustomed to seeing familiar faces. 

Faces We Encounter During Our Commutes: Jeepney Version

Happy faces

These faces don’t always appear. But, when they do, that’s because they’re with company. What better way to spend hours long commute than to ride with your friends? They have a lot to cover. Sometimes, with how enthusiastic they get, you can’t help but overhear them. They tell a funny story or two and it makes the whole commute a little better. 

If they are not with company, they’re probably on their phone. They’re either chatting with somebody or watching a downloaded show to pass the time. You probably encounter the gamers too but their happy faces only come out when they just won. 

Impatient faces

Even though they knew what they got themselves into, they still couldn’t help but be impatient. They’re clearly going somewhere important. Maybe they thought that since the place is just near, they can take the jeep. You’re thinking that they probably regret it and maybe they should have just walked. 

The impatient ones are also those who actually still have a lot to do once they get home. They just want a headstart. Or they could also be the ones who have to catch a show. 

They’re the fidgety ones who usually peer outside or at the front of the jeep. You always see them edging out of their seat, looking like they’re ready to get off the vehicle. To be honest, you’re waiting to see if they actually will.

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Sleeping ones

You’ve probably slept a couple of times during your commute. The exhaustion is too much and you’re going to be sitting there for hours. You can’t help but nod off but you’re not the only one. The sleeping faces are never absent from a jeepney commute, especially if it has been a long day. Even in a disoriented state, the experienced ones will always wake up right before their stop. 

Spaced out and exhausted faces

This is the most common. Do you ever feel like the day just completely sucked the life out of you? You can’t wait to get home. However, in the meantime, you’re stuck in traffic. For some reason, it has still become your resting time. You look up and you see several others in a similar state. They are spaced out too. It has been an exhausting day and you’re sure everyone else in the jeepney feels the same way too. 

Most of us encounter a lot of faces daily. We are strangers to them as much as they are to us but some of these faces become familiar with time. And through shared commuting struggles. The next time you get on a jeepney, take a look around at your fellow commuters. Which of those faces reflects the way you are feeling?

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