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Erik Matti‘s ‘On the Job’ series is ‘A new world for cinema in PH’

Erik Matti‘s ‘On the Job’ series is ‘A new world for cinema in PH’

On the Job Erik Matti

Renowned director Erik Matti is proud of Philippine cinema. His On the Job titles are set to take the world stage despite the pandemic.

On August 31, Matti shared on Instagram,

“We are premiering #OnTheJob #TheMissing8 film in [Venice International Film Fesitval] this coming [Sept.] 10. We will launch #OnTheJobtheseries this [Sept.] 12 on @hboasia.”

“Showing both the film and series in Venice and [HBO] respectively give us so much pride not just for me as a filmmaker but as a Filipino director part of the larger Filipino cinema community in the Philippines.”

Matti’s post showed a photo of him pointing his knuckles at the camera. He sports tattoos on each finger that form the words “T*NG INA.” In the first film, Gerald Anderson’s character Daniel has the same tattoos.

“We are hit the hardest by this pandemic and this luck or chance that we got on both fronts, allowing our piece of work to be seen by many despite having the theaters closed, is a testament that the Filipino filmmaker can do it.”

On the Job: The Missing 8 is competing alongside 20 other films. It is the only Filipino production in the lineup this year. This is as stated by the 78th Venice International Film Festival in a release on July 27.

The films will debut at the prestigious festival on September 10. After that, On the Job and On the Job: The Missing 8 will be released as a six-episode series on HBO GO on September 12.

Matti noted that “On the Job signals a new world for cinema in the Philippines.”

“When it used to be just either prestige or economics, now it can be both given the new world we are in. There is still hope for all of us. I invite you all to see the premiere in Venice. Or stream it on #HBO either way, it gets the film seen by many worldwide which is really the point of making movies for.”

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In his following post on September 2, Matti shared,

“We will carry the banner of the Philippines as we walk the red carpet this coming week. We don’t need to win any award. Just having a Filipino film amongst the international films in competition is enough to show the world that the Philippines still makes movies.”

The post came with the film’s official poster created by Dan Matutina and Ryan Agsawa.

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