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Enjoy a mouthful of Tapa or Liempo effortlessly with this online meat shop

Enjoy a mouthful of Tapa or Liempo effortlessly with this online meat shop

Have you been craving for the signature tapsilogs you enjoy at restaurants outside? Or the tasty liempo that you pair with rice? Look no further as we’ve found both in one meat store online!

Ready-to-eat meat online shop

Tooks Ready Meats is co-owned by Miss World Philippines 2019 2nd Princess Kristi Banks and Paco Rabat and they’re eager to share these delicious foods with others! They know very well the hassle and risks of going outside just to enjoy your favorite meals so she’s bringing them right at your doorstep for the whole family to enjoy at home.
“The best word to describe our concept is CONVENIENCE. Our goal is to provide convenience to our customers, from the efficiency of our service to the quality ready-to-cook products. We saw the need that it would save time and gas if ready-to-cook meats were delivered straight to your doorstep. Instead of people going out of their homes and queuing long supermarket lines, we deliver it to them at an affordable price.”
Since January, they have been catering to the Filipinos’ tapa cravings with their Original flavor and as the months pass by, they knew they have to offer more!
They were starting and trying to figure out how to reach a bigger market when the pandemic struck. Now, their product list continues to grow with the addition of Garlic Tapa and Liempo in the menu.
“If there is one thing that we would like others to know, it should be that despite the pandemic, the quality of the products still is in high standard and quality. We faced numerous instances shortage of supply for beef and pork but this also helped us to step outside the box and look for other options.”

Not only fresh but the best meats for the best price

Tooks Ready Meats’ products are special because it’s the culmination of the passion for food and service to customers. In short, they really have a commitment to convenience. It’s not for mere profit but they are devoted to providing not only fresh but the best meats for the best price!
“It took us weeks of Research and Development. We did several quality control, taste test, and packaging development. [We] also thoroughly checked quality if meats from our supplier. [We] want to ensure that our customers are always satisfied with all our products.”
Standing by their promise of convenience and “Ready-to-deliver, Ready-to-cook” slogan, their products are of 100% quality, no MSG and no preservatives.
Personally, upon trying all three variants of the meats, we’ve got to vouch for the taste and tenderness of it. Even in the cooking process, the smell already lingers and leaves us mouthwatering!
Ranging from P240-P340 per pack that is each abundant of servings, we assure you it’s worth the money trying all there is on the menu! You may place your orders via DMs on Instagram or check out their Facebook page.
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