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Drool-worthy Pinoy dishes foreign nationals cannot resist

Drool-worthy Pinoy dishes foreign nationals cannot resist

What comes into your mind when you hear Pinoy dishes? I’m sure different foods come into mind. Probably because Filipino cuisine is well-known to be distinct in taste. You can taste sweet and sour in combination with savory feels. Food lovers will absolutely love Filipino food, especially ones that relishes a comfort of joy.

As the Philippines is a large archipelago, food has a different background as it comes from local to regional areas. Aside from that, Filipino’s love to combine different tastes in a dish. Sour, sweet, salty, and bitter make the dish familiar since it’s Pinoy trademark. You can’t resist these foods even if you’re from another country.

Take a look at the list that serves just for you!


Bulalo originated in the Southern Luzon region of the Philippines, particularly in the provinces of Cavite and Batangas. This savory soup will make your mouth drool, especially during the rainy season. A hot stewed meal that cooks in beef shanks and bone marrow can help protect you from the cold. Typically, it has vegetables like pechay or cabbage. Sometimes served with corn, scallion, ginger, garlic, and onion. Pair it with rice and your good to go. You can eat authentic Bulalo dishes in Tagaytay with its cold breeze and perfect scenery.

Pinoy Food Trip | Bulalo


Chicken Inasal originated from Negros Region and it will make your mouth salivate. Popular for its juicy and meaty taste flavor, everyone will probably enjoy this crowd-pleaser food. Usually, the chicken parts are skewered in a bamboo stick. This, then, will be grilled in hot coals to achieve juicy perfection. The nuot sarap inihaw na manok will make you happy, I swear!

Also, this traditional food has a distinct taste and color. Remember the different tastes of Filipino foods mentioned above? This dish is marinated with vinegar, calamansi, garlic, ginger, brown sugar, and atsuete oil. Definitely a Filipino-style BBQ chicken that perfectly matches with rice. Perfectly fit for everyone.

Maggi | Chicken Inasal


Popular for its crispiness and delectable flavor. Sisig is a must-serve to everyone. This dish has a combination of savory and fatty flavors. But, why is it called Sisig?  This word comes from “sisigan,” an old Tagalog word that means make it sour.

You see the sour flavor makes every Filipino dish flavorful. This dish usually composes of pig parts such as minced pork meat, ears, and face. Chicken liver, pig brain alongside onion served with calamansi are part of the mix. Usually partnered with rice but can also be added as “pulutan.” This term usually describes as a pairing of foods with alcoholic drinks such as beer and wine.

Life Gets Better | Sisig

Bicol Express

Want some spicy hot meal? Bicol express is a must-try! A creamy pork dish garnish with ginger, garlic, onion, chili pepper, and of course coconut milk. This dish also comes in different varieties, try it!

Pinoy Recipe | Bicol Express


A popular Filipino dish composed of pork or chicken cooked with soy sauce, vinegar, and garlic. Perfect for lunch and dinner together with your family and friends. Typically, locals love to introduce this dish to foreign nationals as it is highly known to be a certified Pinoy food.

Delish | Chicken Adobo

How abou you? What Pinoy dishes will you recommend to foreign nationals? Let us know!

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