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Dive into the Death Pool of Pangasinan

Dive into the Death Pool of Pangasinan

White sand beaches have become the go-to summer vacation places now. Well, the Philippines is known for its beautiful beaches. However, people go to different places to see similar destinations–a beach with stunning scenery and white sand.

But, do you want to explore something new outside these now typical beaches in the country? If yes, then you should probably consider Pangasinan’s death pool.

Death Pool

Photo from Back Packer Lifestyle.

Locals came up with the name Death Pool to better describe the exhilarating effect of the place. With large waves and the huge mouth of the pool, one can really describe it as similar to death. Furthermore, the Death Pool is located on the right side of Cabongaoan beach.

Photo from Rizanoia.

Many tourists call it a death pool because of the phases you need to encounter before reaching the actual place. As for them, going there is not for the weak-hearted people. In order to get there, the tourists need to walk through rocky trails that lead to even larger rock formations. Additionally, it is not advisable to walk barefoot on these rocky trails. Try to use aqua shoes to protect your feet from spikes and rough rocks. 

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Photo from Rappler.

After surpassing the rocky paths, you will see the natural tidal pool and the large waves crashing into it. At first glance, you might see the Death Pool as deadly and scary because it really is. The large waves from the sea usually crash into the tourists. Therefore, most of them lose their balance. However, local guards and helpers are also on-site to help and guide you. 

Photo from The Queen Escape.

Planning to go to the Death Pool?

Here are some suggestions you might want to consider if you’re thinking about visiting the location:

  1. Walking into the rocky trails may torment your feet by going barefoot. Therefore, always put on slippers or aqua-protective shoes. 
  2. Make sure to follow the rules at the Death Pool. 
  3. There are no restaurants at the beach. Therefore, purchase your supplies at the Burgos or Alaminos City markets.
  4. Make sure to call someone to look after you as you jump into the death poll. 

How to get there?

  1. Take a bus at Cubao headed for Alaminos, Pangasinan. By far, there are journeys leaving from Victory Liner and Five Star buses. The cost ranges between PHP350 and PHP400. The ride usually takes up to five (5) hours. 
  2. Take a different bus to Santa Cruz, Zambales, from Alaminos City. It costs PHP30.
  3. Request a drop-off at Burgos Market from the driver.
  4. Hire a tricycle headed for Cabongaoan Beach from Burgos, where you can purchase some of your supplies. The cost is PHP600 roundtrip.

From white sand beaches to an adventure-perfect beach getaway, the Philippines got your back. Indeed, the Philippines will give you a nice summer vacation that you can never imagine. Our country has so many pristine destinations, and I hope you start exploring the places we can call our very own.

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