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COVID-19: What does a post-coronavirus world look like?

COVID-19: What does a post-coronavirus world look like?

As the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) spreads around the globe and the pandemic turns our world upside down. We may find ourselves, the government, and leading global thinkers learning from this experience. Innovating with practices that we have decided to pursue during lockdowns would be hard to detach from. People will find ways to improve and develop those practices to have a more resilient post-coronavirus (and futuristic) world.


Here are only some predictions of what our world would look like after the COVID-19 pandemic:

Contactless interactions

Due to COVID-19, individuals have become aware of every touchable surface that could transmit the disease. In a post-coronavirus world, on the other hand, we could expect more contactless interfaces and interactions. People will continue to limit what they touch and look for an option to pay for goods and services that do not require any physical contact.

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Digital infrastructures

Aside from that, the COVID-19 has caused people to adapt to working from home and in isolation. Through having a collective helping hand in finding digital solutions to keep meetings, lessons, workouts, and others, it allowed many of us to see the possibilities of continuing some of these practices in a post-coronavirus world.

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Sporting events, organizations, and fans have had to deal with their sports season entirely canceled due to the COVID-19. However, e-sports continue to thrive and even started to statistically rise. Unlike mainstream sporting events, e-sporting events can easily transition online. We have seen its incline and it will continue to climb in a post-coronavirus world.

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Healthcare professionals are needed now more than ever. To curb traffic at hospitals and other practitioners’ offices, many are implementing online or video consultations. Some healthcare providers had already dabbled in this before social distancing was implemented. However, we could see more of this happening in a post-coronavirus world.

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How about you? What do you see in a post-coronavirus world?

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