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Common excuses kids tell to their parents when going out

Common excuses kids tell to their parents when going out

We have been stuck in our houses for a long time because of the pandemic. Thus, now that the situation is gradually calming down, let’s recall together the common excuses that people tell their parents to allow them to wander!

EDITOR’S NOTE: Although these “lies” may actually be real instances, these are the excuses kids usually make when they want to go out with their friends.

Common excuses kids tell to their parents when going out

“We’re doing a group project.”

Whose parent can refuse when their child says he will do something to improve his academic performance? No one, right? Parents always want what’s best for their children. Therefore, “group project” is one of the most common and somewhat effective excuses used by students who want to wander but are completely aware that they will not be allowed.

“It’s my friend’s birthday!”

Another go-to alibi is a friend’s birthday. It is especially effective if your mother or father knows the birthday celebrant. Perhaps your parents have assumed that you are having a good time at the birthday party, but in reality, you have been somewhere else the entire time.

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“We’re just going to hang out at their house!”

Aside from the “birthday” alibi, another common excuse is hanging out at a friend’s house. As previously mentioned, this is effective if your parents know your friend well. And the most exciting part here is when your friend is the one who will ask for your parent’s permission. 

“My friend will fetch me, don’t worry!”

When ran out of reason, asking your best friend to visit and pick you up is somehow a good fallback. Your parents will probably let you go out with her. Little did they know that once you got out of the house, you would bid goodbye to each other and go on a date.

These are some excuses that some of us use often. Well, we should never forget that these are just mere excuses and that it is safer to tell our parents exactly what we are doing and where we are going.

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