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Celebrity photographer Raymund Isaac passes away at age 59

Celebrity photographer Raymund Isaac passes away at age 59

Raymund Isaac death

Veteran photographer Raymund Isaac died at age 59, on September 3 in San Francisco, California.

Raymund pioneered innovative renditions of celebrity and fashion shoots of a wide array of stars and other personalities.

His brother Edward Isaac announced his passing on social media on Saturday midnight. Isaac stated in his post,

“To those who prayed with us in different parts of the world for Raymund, thank you. He will be missed by many, most of our family and those he touched.”

Isaac had appealed for prayers for his healing due to COVID-19, in his July 24 Instagram post, saying,

“Friends I need all your prayers now. I was rushed to CMPC SAN FO hospital this morning due to lack of oxygen. I am alone here in the hospital due to Covid rules. It’s scary to be in a place where you don’t know anyone. Include me please in your prayers. Even Jayson Vicente can’t be with me now.”

Vicente is Isaac’s long-time partner. They were married in the United States last July before he was hospitalized. Vicente had detailed Isaac’s struggle with COVID-19 in his previous posts.

In his August 28 Facebook post, Vicente said that Isaac was stable.

“He remains in the ICU intubated & sedated. The medical team monitors his condition closely & I receive regular reports on his O2 levels, BP, & other organ functions. Though his condition changes periodically, I know that he is fighting hard. We all need to continue to fight with him through our prayers. He still needs us all.”

Vicente also expressed gratitude for the outpouring of support for Isaac. 

“From Day 1 your prayers, concern and care has been our source of strength. God has been continuously blessing us with ‘angels’. We really appreciate your prayers, unconditional support and love. Please be by our side until Menmen is out of the hospital.”

Isaac is well-loved by the entertainment industry had worked with big artists. They include Vilma Santos, Lea Salonga, Piolo Pascual, Coco Martin, Sarah Geronimo, Luis Manzano, and many other veterans and upcoming stars.

He last worked with good friend Janice de Belen in their Showbiz podcast Midnight Snack.

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Journalist and close family friend Myrza Sison paid homage to Isaac as a vibrant presence in her life and the showbiz industry.

Sison told ABS-CBN News,

“You were a fighter to the end, our beloved friend! You taught us all not just how to come alive in front of your lens but the art of living life to the fullest.

“You were full of life and love and shared it so generously with everyone. The world will be so dim and quiet now without your colorful presence, your laughter and your unforgettable quips. You will live in our hearts forever. Rest in peace, Raymund Isaac.”

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