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Brendan Fraser is back!

Brendan Fraser is back!

For decades, we couldn’t see Brendan Fraser in the public eye. But, he is finally back. He recently starred in the psychological drama The Whale. The movie revolved around his character, Charlie, a 600-pound middle-aged man. He tried to reconnect with his seventeen-year-old daughter Ellie (Sadie Sink). However, they grew apart after he abandoned his family for his lover, who later died. He, then, went on to binge eat out of pain and guilt.

Brendan Fraser gets emotional during a six-minute standing ovation for The Whale.

In a now-viral clip, we can all see the actor visibly overcome with emotion as he sees the support from the audience. He tried to leave the stage, only to have people usher him back on with continuous applause. 

However, not everyone feels happy that he made his comeback with such a controversial movie. 

Many have felt that the movie stigmatizes fat people and activists have expressed dismay that the actor donned a prosthetic suit for the role. Although the film may not be golden, everyone unanimously agrees that seeing Brendan Fraser on the big screen is a happy sight. 

Brendan Fraser talks about his role in The Whale.

During the red carpet opening, Brendan Fraser told reporters about his new appreciation for people with a similar physicality as his character, Charlie.

“I needed to learn to absolutely move in a new way. I developed muscles I did not know I had. It gave me an appreciation for those whose bodies are similar because I learned that you need to be an incredibly strong person physically and mentally to inhabit that physical being.”

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The Whale is an adaptation of Samuel D. Hunter’s 2012 play of the same name. Despite the roles he had played in the past, the actor cites Charlie as one of the most valiant characters he portrayed.

“By far and away I think Charlie is the most heroic man I have ever played because his superpower is to see the good in others and bring that out.”

Brendan Fraser is famously known for his glory days starring in films such as The Mummy, George of the Jungle, and my personal favorite — Journey to the Center of the Earth

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