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Batang 90’s: OG Filipino Candies of all-time!

Batang 90’s: OG Filipino Candies of all-time!

Filipinos are best known for their love to sweets and candies. Looking back to 90’s, lots of sweets and goodies was loved by Filipinos. It even marked to our childhood memories. However, some of them are not available anymore today, they still give us the nostalgic feeling which actually made us miss those. 

Graphics | Kristel Anne Sabater

Let’s look back to some OG Filipino candies of all time! Watch out, sweet tooth!

Mik-mik – This I guess is the top-tier candy of all time. It is a powder candy in a sachet with flovors milk or chocolate. With the use of straw, children just sip it straight into their mouth. Also, what’s funnier about this sweets is that sometimes, when sipped wrong, you might get choked. Although it’s still available at the market today, some says its taste differs from how it is before. Nonetheless, mik-mik is still a #OG90sCandy

Haw Haw – This is one of the most common candy which every Filipino truly enjoys. This milk-flavored candy has a smooth and creamy texture on the inside. It is not hard to bite or chew, that’s why even our lola or lola had already try this one. You can even ask them! Today, some small entreprenerus use haw haw candy as their flavor on ice creams and even on milk shakes.

Graphics | Kristel Anne Sabater

White Rabbit – I would always remember this candy as most loved by all ages. That’s for sure! White Rabbit is a chewy milk candy that has a thin layer of edible rice paper around it. Even if this candy originates from China, many Filipinos loves getting this candy as their pasalubong or something to eat at anytime.

Flat Tops – If you’re into chocolates, I guess you are very familliar with this one. On my list, Flat Tops is my personal fave of all-time! This is really a chocolate candy that is basically flat on top and has a creamy texture, as the brand name suggests. Additionally, it is almost just the same with Curly Tops, even their taste seems the same too!  

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Chocnut – This is a peanut-base candy that has a gritty texture and is coated in chocolate. It tastes so chocolatey, milky and peanuty — these 3 all in one bar! Back then, you can use Chocnuts in making ice creams and brownies. Even today, this chocolate goody has also been a flavor for turon! Interesting, indeed!

There are still more on the list! And each one gives off a very nostalgic feeling to every Filipinos.

The 90s is consider as the golden era for Filipino sweets and goodies. The fact that we love sweets, we have shared memorable ones over treats in front of us. Although some of these are not available today, the stories shared while eating and chewing those sweets will forever be in the hearts of every Filipino. 

Graphics | Kristel Anne Sabater

How about you? Do you have other favorite candies in mind which are also nostalgic to you? Share your stories through the comment section below! 

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