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Andrew Gan wishes to be on our radar with BL series ‘Limited Edition’

Andrew Gan wishes to be on our radar with BL series ‘Limited Edition’

The showbiz industry is one of the most cutthroat industries there is. It’s either you shine or you fall like a shooting star. Rising among a talented crop is not an easy feat and shining is surely what Andrew Gan of ALV Talent Management wishes to accomplish. Slowly but surely, he’s taking all the right steps toward his goals. With his warmth and magnetic charm, he has what it takes to make us all melt.

Andrew Gan Limited Edition
Photo Credits to Edward Dela Cuesta

Taking on the titular role in the BL series, produced by famous pageant shoe designer Jojo Bragais, Limited Edition is a challenge but is also his dream.

On playing the lead role: “It’s something new to me but I’m very excited. I was a basketball player and I’ve also tried cooking, but acting is my passion. This is something I want to pursue. Grabbing the limelight is a tough ask but with an earnest dedication to his craft, nothing is impossible.”

Photo Credit to Instagram/iamandrewgan

What is Limited Edition all about?

Directed by Jill Singson Urdaneta, soon to be aired via Bragais TVon Youtube, the series is a romantic comedy that tackles how a sought-after bisexual falls in love with an introvert probinsyano. Surely, the opposite attracts. Fed up with the limelight and the attention he usually receives, Jethro (played by Andrew) was bothered by the indifference he received from Mario (Jomari Angeles).

Photo Credit to Instagram/bragaisjojo

“It’s not the typical BL series that is very sexy, it’s a romantic comedy, so madaming tatawa at maiinlove. We want to make sure that it’s light since it’s pandemic and at the same time, people can relate to it since everyone wants to feel in love.”

Why should we watch Andrew’s Limited Edition?

Romcoms have a special place in our hearts, and now, Limited Edition is testing whether the secret recipe can still work. With a number of Boys’ Love series making waves, will it thug our hearts? Make us swoon? BL’s have been a great source of escape to many of us during the pandemic. But not a lot make us raved for it. Will this be different this time around?

“Itong series namin andito ng lahat, kung gusto mong sumaya, kung gusto mong kiligin, pero iiyak ka din talaga, Andrew mentioned. Truly, all the elements we are looking for and we are aching to see are there. This must be a must-watch series that will make us giddy and will make us spend our precious time with.”

Photo Credit to Instagram/iamandrewgan

Limited Edition can showcase Andrew’s acting skills. Through this, he hopes to capture our hearts. Perhaps, make us fall for him. Can his performance heighten the myriad of emotions we have? Only time will tell whether this laidback cool guy can make a mark. As for now, he’s making us nod. Keep in mind that he’s already an actor who’s on our radar. Having said all that, let’s all enjoy what he has to offer.

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