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Andrea Brillantes finally breaks her silence following Seth Fedelin’s IG live yesterday

Andrea Brillantes finally breaks her silence following Seth Fedelin’s IG live yesterday

Finally having enough of all the drama and the recent issues thrown at her, Andrea Brillantes has taken it on an Instagram live to clarify things on Monday.

Andrea decided to speak up and clarify all the rumors about her. According to her, this was her first time doing this and hopefully the last.

The actress started off by thanking her onscreen partner and friend, Seth Fedelin for defending her against all the issues surrounding her at the moment.

First, I would like to say thank you to Seth Fedelin, for speaking up. Thank you, Ali, dahil kahit hanggang ngayon hindi mo pa rin ako pinabayaan. Alam ko na these past few months ay napakahirap para sa atin. Para sating dalawa, para sating lahat. And I have mad respect for you dahil kinaya mo pa rin akong ipagtanggol kahit na alam kong gustong-gusto mo na rin magsalita.

Andrea then continued to address all the live viewers as to why she made the IG live.

“Pinili ko lang sana ho talagang manahimik at lunukin lahat ng mga binabatong salita sakin ng lahat ng tao. Pero kasi, here I am, at my happiest moment at madami pa rin pong nadadamay at nababalik na mga pangalan kahit hindi naman na ho dapat.”

Furthermore, she acknowledged that with all the proliferating fake news, she ought to share her truth. Urging the audience to listen and give her a chance to explain.

I would like to address each issue one by one, so please bear with me.

Once and for all, Andrea has confirmed that Seth and she were actually in a relationship. And that they broke up in early October last year.

It was a painful break up, but it was a mutual decision. We both loved each other truly and deeply. We’ve learned so much from each other but in the end we realized na we weren’t growing as individuals. Lahat ng fake news at pag-aassume niyo sa relasyon namin, hindi po totoo yon. We ended on good terms at yon naman ang importante.

Moreover, she assured people, especially their fans that the two of them will continue to be loveteams.

“We love each other as friends and we also like the company of each other as actors. At gusto namin matupad mga pinag-usapan namin two years ago about sa mga pangarap namin. Basta nirerespeto ko si Seth Fedelin at nirerespeto ko yong loveteam namin. Mahal na mahal ho namin yong mga fans namin.”

Andrea Brillantes apologizes and admits her mistake of posting a video reacting to a picture last January. She proceeded to remind everyone that we should always think things through before doing something, especially on the internet.

“My mind was too clouded with sorrow that I forgot to think about what will happen next or how this could affect me and the people around me. I had no contact with them when I saw the picture. So I made a TikTok which made everything worse.”

The former Kadenang Ginto actress also expressed how she was in pain and let it get the best of her. She cleared that she understood the people who didn’t know about their relationship as they didn’t make it public.

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Wala din naman akong sinisisi. Ayokong manira ng tao. Nagulat lang talaga ako and I was just really hurt kasi kaibigan ko pa yong kasama. Pero I had no bad intentions. Hindi ko lang talaga naisip because I was acting based on my emotions at pagkakamali ko yon.

In addition, the 19-year old star clarified that all the fake news that emerged after the TikTok incident was false. She was firm to deny that she was romantically related to any of the men who were seen with her in photos. And that she never confronted anyone in the dressing room.

I also don’t know where people got that. Ang alam ko lang ay may isang dummy account na nag-tweet and it’s funny na naniwala naman agad sila. Guys, let’s be real. Kung totoo man yon, sana kumalat na pero walang kumalat na video. There are CCTVs in every corner of ABS-CBN and I actually asked for a footage para lang may mapakita ako sa mga tao na hindi ko to ginawa.

According to the actress, she wanted to speak up months ago. Now, she says this IG live was for people to move on from all this.

“I didn’t do this to create another issue. I didn’t do this to create another problem—to be called a victim or problematic. I’m doing this for closure. I’m not asking you to believe in me, kasi this is for everyone. Closure for me, closure for my fans, closure to their fans. Hindi niyo kailangan maniwala. You can do whatever you want with my statement. Pero ito na yon.”

And lastly, Andrea ends her Instagram live to urge the public to focus their attention on the more important things like the upcoming elections this May. Please vote wisely.

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