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Ana Jalandoni narrates past fight encounters with Kit Thompson


Ana Jalandoni narrates past fight encounters with Kit Thompson

Actress Ana Jalandoni remembered three previous occasions in which she ended up crying or fearing for her life in an interview on The Boy Abunda Talk Channel posted yesterday, April 3, 2022. 

In the interview, Ana, Kit Thompson’s four-month girlfriend, recalled that they were on their way to his hometown in Pampanga when they decided to joke about their exes.

However, it became the first instance where they argued as a pair. Eventually, it was also the first time she witnessed the aggressive side of her boyfriend.

“Nabanggit ko na yung ex ko is from Nueva Ecija. So sabi ko, ‘Oh sige na, ihatid mo ako sa Nueva Ecija.’ Nagalit siya sa akin. Doon ko nakita na may pagka-agresibo siya na… Kapag hindi niya nagustuhan yung sinabi mo, nagagalit siya nang mabilis,” she narrated.

Meanwhile, the second incident occurred at her home, when Kit asked Ana in a joke who of his buddies she preferred.

She mentioned one of his friends, saying that if they were not together, she would have dated that person. Although she considered it a joke, Kit treated it the other way around.

“As in nagtatawanan kami nung moment na yun ha. May hawak siyang knife that moment kasi may ginagawa siya sa CR ko eh, parang yung bidet. [Nilagay niya ‘yung kutsilyo] sa leeg ko. ‘Anong sabi mo?’” she said. 

Kit apologized and pleaded with her not to leave him, as he had done before. She stated that they were able to work things out in the end.

Following this incident of threat, Ana shared a scene when the two of them went to Palawan together for Kit’s birthday.

As they were tired from the whole day’s trip on the beach, she decided to take a nap while Kit went straight to the toilet to shower. 

“Pagkatapos niya maligo, sinampal niya ako nang gising. Sabi niya, ‘Tutulugan mo lang ako? Birthday ko, nandito tayo sa Palawan, tutulugan mo lang ako?’ Ako naman, ‘Bakit mo ako sinampal? Pagod ako, nakaidlip lang ako’,” she said.

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Ana recalled telling him after he slapped her in Palawan that he needed to seek therapy for his anger issues.

Heping him to improve

Ana also mentioned that she continued in their relationship despite Kit’s aggressive behavior because she believed she could help him improve.

“Mahal ko Tito Boy eh. And tina-try ko siyang tulungan, not to fix him, gusto ko ipaintindi sa kanya. I know na may tiwala siya sa akin na wala akong sasabihing masama sa kaniya. Papangaralan ko siya, ‘Kit, huwag ganyan. Kit tigilan mo iyan,’” she stated. 

She then filed complaints of violence against women, illegal detention, and frustrated homicide against Kit. However, the actor was released on bail last week, according to Tagaytay City police.

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