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Accept rejections and love yourself!

Accept rejections and love yourself!

Have you ever been in a situation where everything feels perfect? Have you ever been given care, affection, and attention, yet things suddenly ended in a snap?

I think we all experienced that!

Nevertheless, if you are new to the concept of accepting rejections, this is a recap article for you. However, if you are having difficulty accepting the idea of rejection, hear me out. I have something to say!

Rejection is painful and probably something we don’t want to experience in life. While others might have their coping mechanism, some might feel lost while finding the answer. Feeling lost isn’t bad. We all go through that process from time to time. The most important thing we have to learn is how to take rejections and understand them on a different level. Here are the reasons why!


We are probably doing something we shouldn’t. People often appreciate actions that would benefit them in general. Let say, they see the good in you all the time simply because that’s the only thing they see. The question is how far they can go? Once people saw the other side of you, rejection takes place. Remember this “You are not everyone’s cup of tea!”

The moment people start distancing themselves from you, you would probably think that you are losing the world. That is not the case, rather, we allow ourselves to realize that this is who we are and having a bad side is not having flaws. Rejection from friends or love ones doesn’t mean you are less of a person, it only means that love and acceptance are given by the ones who truly understand us!

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Getting “no” as an answer is not the end of everything but it only means you should move on. No is not a bad thing to consider, rather a word to simply say “BE BETTER” and use it as your inspiration to turn that NO to YES! The answer might not be from the place you are at and maybe somewhere else. Don’t lose hope and have a more positive outlook.

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Rejection often triggers emotional imbalance. It is normal to go through hard times when you get rejected because we are human beings. Going through difficult moments often leads to self-discovery. Many of us become poets, songwriters, painters, dancers, photographers, and many more in some ways. However, these are the things you are least to discover about yourself. Perhaps, you could do more. Nevertheless, I am here to tell you that you are doing a great job for taking yourself to the next level.

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ACCEPT REJECTIONS, LOVE YOURSELF! A painting of a hand holding a paint brush.
Photo: Fine Art America


Feeling that sadness inside is the first step to becoming better. Accepting your current state will lead to more reflections where you think you fell short. The moment you will be exposed to a similar situation, you will be just fine and wiser!

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We may have different ways of accepting rejections. Your feelings are valid and no one can dictate how you should live your life.

Would you allow yourself to be miserable or start accepting rejections and be the better version of yourself?

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