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A Guide To Masculine Hair Products

A Guide To Masculine Hair Products

In the vast and thrilling hair and grooming industry today, finding the perfect hair product for you might be a challenge. It can be intimidating filled with products that all seem to be made to do the same thing. With so many choices, you could decide to stick with one style of haircut and one kind of product and call it a day. The distinction between applying various hair products to various hair types should be taken into account. That said, let me give you a guide to every kind of masculine hair product that might be best for you.

A guide to masculine hair products


Almost all of us have tried hair gel at some point in our lives because of its popularity. Unlike the 90’s wet-look gels, modern gels hold strongly, and leave a light shine to the hair, but are water-based. Using a pea-sized amount on your fingertips, style your hair when it has dried, then allow it to air dry. You don’t need to worry because it works with all hair types.


Hairspray may remind some individuals of mullets and perms from the 1980s. If you have thin hair, hairspray helps maintain volume by giving your hair volume. You can spray hairspray deeply into the roots of your hair to effectively lift it. If you want to hold your style in place, then spray it on the outer layer of your hair. Usually, hair spray comes in a can or bottle with an aerosol sprayer. Usually, hairsprays can be used for any hair type.


You should consider using the cream if you want to control your hair while adding a natural shine to it. They provide a low grip without the stiffness or greasiness of wax and pomade while giving your hair elasticity and strength. Use it like how you would use gel since it can be used on all types of hair, especially frizzy ones.


Wax can technically be used on any haircut, but it works particularly well to achieve textured sloppy looks. With wax, you can achieve a medium to high shine and a softer hold than with pomade. Wax works best for thick, straight, and slightly wavy hair as it gets clumps for curly hair.

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Do you want that vintage, Grease hairstyle look? If so, consider using a pomade. It works excellent if you need a stronghold or want to truly shape your frizzy hair. Pomade works well on longer hair lengths and is appropriate for thick, straight, or wavy hair. Apply a tiny amount of pomade to your hands first, then rub them before putting it on your hair.


A stickier version that has a stronger hold version of a pomade. Hair clays can be used for hairstyles that demand volume but don’t want the product to weigh the hair down. It helps with naturally greasy and shiny hair. Clay regulates and maintains frizzy hair for men with curly or longer hair. After distributing a tiny amount of the product evenly between your palms, style your hair.

Different products serve various purposes, and various hair types respond slightly differently to each product. Just be mindful of it, and you will achieve the best hairstyle you can think of.

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