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Kaka-Wattpad Mo ‘Yan! 5 Nostalgic Novels Where Wattpad Craze Starts

Kaka-Wattpad Mo ‘Yan! 5 Nostalgic Novels Where Wattpad Craze Starts

Here’s the story: There’s a 17 to 19-year-old player slash bad boy studying in one of the most prestigious schools in the country. And there’s an innocent, quiet, and nerdy girl who will transfer to that school. Little did everyone know, that girl is the daughter of the head of a mafia in the country. Much more is that she’s also an assassin in disguise.

This is the common story in Wattpad way back its peak in 2013 to 2015. Cliché as it sounds, but it is what readers want. Due to its popularity, Filipino Wattpad stories started making TV and movie adaptations in 2014.

Denny or most commonly known as HaveYouSeenThisGirL’s novel Diary ng Panget is the first Wattpad-to-film adaptation in 2014. Its success makes a path for other Wattpad stories to have said adaptations. In the same year, TV5 released Wattpad Presents where stories were turned into TV series that fans can enjoy. Anja Bernales‘ (MaevelAnne) My Tag Boyfriend is the first Wattpad-to-TV adaptation in TV5.

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Let’s walk along memory lane and go back to five nostalgic Wattpad novels to reminisce about the good old days of our youth.

iDangs’ Teen Clash (2012-2013)

Teen Clash is a classic teen fiction novel that contributes to the popularity of Wattpad now. It is a story of four fearless girls who transferred to a school where four obnoxious boys rule. Enemies turning to lovers is the main theme of this novel.

Ai Danganan or iDangs finished the story on Wattpad in 2013. After almost nine years, Teen Clash will have its own mini-series TV adaptation in iWantTFC under Black Sheep Productions.

Jayda Avanzado and Aljon Mendoza will play the role of Zoe and Ice, two of the main characters in the series.

pinkyjhewelii’s Mr. Popular meets Ms. Nobody

pinkyjhewelii’s Mr. Popular meets Miss Nobody is another young adult book about enemies turned lovers. The story follows Chelsea Torres a scholar at Shin-woo University, and also as the title says, a nobody. While Kyle Shin-woo, on the other hand, is a popular and arrogant son of the University’s owner. What could go wrong, right?

The story will then revolves around how Kyle blackmailed Chelsea to kick her out of the school if the latter continues to disrespect him. Here comes the twist, Chelsea becomes Kyle’s slave for 100 days. But little did Kyle know, he already develops a special feeling for Chelsea.

Mr. Popular meets Miss Nobody is also one of the Wattpad-to-TV adaptations of TV5’s Wattpad Presents. The mini-series aired in 2014.

yanalovesyou’s My Husband is a Mafia Boss

This probably might be the one Wattpad story everyone knows about. We all know how Zeke and Aemie’s love story gives us butterflies in our stomachs back in 2013. It somehow made us hope that we can find a handsome, sexy, and loveable mafia boss back in the day, it’s impossible of course. But this is the magic that yanaloveyou’s My Husband is a Mafia Boss made us feel, even though it’s not real.

blue_maiden’s The Four Bad Boys And Me

blue_maiden’s The Four Bad Boys And Me is one of the most popular Wattpad novels with over 300 million reads in the app. This book is about Candice, the nerd and the teacher’s pet at Xavier University. The four bad boys on the other hand are literally the bully of the university. This group consists of Troy the university crush, Charles or Old Charles, Marky the silent but deadly player, and Jeydon the dance heartthrob.

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In 2020, The Four Bad Boys And Me and ABS-CBN released a podcast series starring Kaori Oinuma as Candice, Rhys Miguel as Jeydon, and Maymay Entrata as DJ Zari or the narrator.

You can watch and listen to the podcast here:

barbsgalicia’s A Wife’s Cry

Aside from teen fiction, young adult, and romantic comedy novels, there is another Wattpad story that contributes to the popularity of the platform.

barbgalicia’s A Wife’s Cry is a book for mature audiences. It follows the story of two persons who are just married for the sake of business. Since the marriage is just arranged by their families, Vanessa, becomes Allen’s own punching bag at home.

A Wife’s Cry tackles the very sensitive issue of being a battered wife who is suffering from domestic violence. Behind Vanessa’s wealth and success in her profession, is an aching woman at home.

Wattpad today

The Philippines is the second country that uses Wattpad the most, next to the USA. Over eight million people are now using the platform. And hundred million stories are also shared in the app.

What is your favorite Wattpad story? Share yours in the comments.

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