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4 Kang Seulgi’s Artworks from Films

4 Kang Seulgi’s Artworks from Films

Artworks by Seulgi slay like her! 

Kang Seulgi, famously known as Seulgi, is a member of the Korean girl group Red Velvet. She sings with her angelic voice and dances with her charismatic power moves. Most of all, Seulgi draws and paints her artworks incredibly.

Photo | Seulgi/Instagram

Meanwhile, Seulgi loves to experiment with her art. She uses diverse drawing techniques, and she draws and paints different subjects. But, the film characters and scenes she draws are breathtaking! So, without further ado, here are the four artworks she drew and painted from four different films.

1. Bar Scene

Seulgi works with pastels to draw most of her amazing artworks. Without a doubt, this drawing is one lovely example of that. Even without the stripes, one can easily tell that the drawing is from the famous bar scene in the film Chungking Express. Unless you haven’t seen it yet. Well, at least you have witnessed Seulgi’s artistry.

Photo | Seulgi/Instagram

2. A Portrait of Arthur Fleck/Joker

Before anything else, this pastel portrait of Arthur Fleck is crazy! Moving on, on her Instagram account, Seulgi shared this drawing to celebrate Halloween. However, she added in the caption that she hasn’t watched Joker yet. Nevertheless, she drew this portrait flawlessly and made Halloween memorable.

Photo | Seulgi/Instagram

3. Record Store Booth Scene

A passionate artist never wastes time. In fact, they dedicate even their precious ones to learning and improving. Back in 2020, Seulgi enrolled in a pastel drawing class. Her Instagram post revealed that she drew this scene during her first class. It’s from Before Sunrise, Seulgi’s favorite movie. For sure, this is impressive and meaningful artwork.

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Photo | Seulgi/Instagram

4. A Portrait of Theodore

One of her great artworks is another portrait of Joaquin Phoenix’s movie character. Seulgi tried her hand at recreating Theodore from the poster of Her. She painted this portrait perfectly, and it almost looked exactly like Theodore or Joaquin! Perhaps, we can call Seulgi the “Queen of Arts, Herself.”

Photo | Seulgi/Instagram

Kang Seulgi is definitely one of the most talented idols of her generation. Her expertise simply knows no bounds and even continues to expand. She sings, dances, and creates breathtaking artwork… she is an artist.

Waste no more of your time! Visit Seulgi’s Instagram accounts, @hi_sseulgi and @by.sseulgi, for more of her impressive artistic creations!

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