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What spending Christmas Eve with Jose Mari Chan would look like 

What spending Christmas Eve with Jose Mari Chan would look like 

In the Philippines, the name Jose Mari Chan is synonymous with Christmas. He takes over radios, shows, and our hearts during the holiday season. But, have you ever wondered how the Filipinos Christmas icon spends his own Christmas Eve?

Here’s how Shopee’s Christmas Ambassador Jose Mari Chan would host a pleasant Noche Buena with family and friends:

Picture this: You’re surrounded by your loved ones, sharing stories with one another. Classic Christmas songs are playing from a Vintage Record Player. It blends nicely with the laughter of your friends and family. Jose Mari Chan aka Tito Joe goes the extra mile to keep everyone comfortable. He places Knitted Blankets on the sofas. So, you can snuggle and get cozy while waiting for dinner. 

Now, it’s time for dinner. Tito Joe invites everyone to join him in the dining area. The holiday spirit fills the room. Cute Snowman Home Decor adorns the shelves. The dining table looks festive, with reindeer-inspired Christmas Chair Covers. And, it surely makes you feel even more cheerful. 

Delicious food sits perfectly on the dining table. Hearty Christmas staples like roast chicken, lechon, pancit, and more. You start helping yourself to some cold cuts, delectable cheese choices, and fresh fruits that they’ve beautifully placed on an elegant Engraved Charcuterie Board. For drinks, a citrusy blend made with a Juicer compliments your hearty meal. It also helps cleanse your palate for dessert. 

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After the lovely dinner, you gather again in the living room. But, this time, Tito Joe surprises everyone with an impromptu performance. Ready as always, he starts to belt out his iconic Christmas in our Hearts. While Jose Mari Chan aka Tito Joe sings, he passes a Portable Microphone around the room. It gives others a chance to sing along with him. As everyone joins in, your heart feels a sense of warmth and joy, as the room fills with song and laughter. 

Finally, you’re back at the spot you were in earlier. You snuggle by the warm knitted blanket. To finish the night and while waiting for 12 AM to strike, a hot batch of coffee from a French Press is served to everyone. To complete the Christmas experience, the coffee is in a cute Christmas-themed Coffee Mug, capping the night of holiday glee and fun. 

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