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WFH desk accessories you can find in Lazada

WFH desk accessories you can find in Lazada

Looking for ways to upgrade your work desk? Look no further! Here are some desk accessories you can find in Lazada.

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic cursed us into what feels like an eternity of lockdown, we’ve all been working from home. By now, some of us might have already adjusted. But, if you’re thinking of setting up your own battle station at home, or just looking for ways to improve it, then these are some work-from-home desk accessories you should consider!

Go wireless with a wireless charging dock!

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This desk accessory is perfect if you already carry around an android device capable of wireless charging or an iPhone 8 and above. And if you have a smartwatch or apple watch that goes with your phone, then even better.

As an added bonus, you get to keep a clean and minimal workspace! say goodbye to the cables you have lying around on your desk. If it suits you, wireless charging is the convenient way to go!

In Lazada, you can find this desk accessory for 400 pesos up to well above one thousand pesos.

Get organized with this desk accessory

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Nothing beats extra storage, whether it’s a desktop drawer storage or an organizer for your pens and notepads. Having this desk accessory helps keep your workspace clean and easy to use. It prevents your desk from being cluttered with random items.

If you’re looking for a good desk organizer, you have plenty of options in Lazada. Prices range from 200 pesos to 300 pesos, but you can find more for cheaper.

Annoyed with messy cables? try this desk accessory

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Be honest, you don’t like it when you look under your desk and it looks like a snake pit. So your cable management should be on point! luckily you’re spoiled for choice.

This desk accessory is absolutely necessary if you like keeping your workspace organized. Adhesive cable clips, Velcro straps, and cable ties are some of the options you have. You know what’s even better? you can buy these for less than 100 pesos!

The multi-function desk accessory you didn’t know you need

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Call it a desk pad, a desk mat, or an extended mouse pad, either way, you need this desk accessory. With a desk pad, you have a perfect surface for your mouse, and your phones won’t be sliding around on your desk. Also, a desk pad can be used to cover scuffs and scratches on your table surface. It can also be used to style your desk as this desk accessory comes in different designs as well.

You can find this in Lazada priced below 100 pesos up to 400 pesos if you want one that’s leather.

The next item on our list is perfect if you spend long hours typing.

Skip the suffering when you have this on your desk

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Pay attention people, slaving away at work doesn’t mean you have to do it uncomfortably! so get a wrist rest.

There’s a variety of wrist rest for you to choose from. You may prefer a silicone wrist rest, a wooden one, or a leather wrist rest. whatever goes well and matches your peripherals. The important thing here is you get to keep your wrists at a neutral position. This means that you won’t have to subconsciously raise your shoulders, and it will provide support for your forearms. In addition, a wrist rest eliminates the pressure between your wrist and the hard surface of your desk.

You can find this in Lazada priced between 100 pesos and 400 pesos.

This desk accessory is a must-have if you like to create an ergonomic workspace. Speaking of which, the next desk accessory is something you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

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Go for an ergonomic workspace, you deserve it!

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To further organize your workspace, you’ll be needing stands for your laptop and headphones. If you’re extra, you can also have stands for your phone and tablet!

Probably the most essential gadget stand we consider is a laptop stand. Having a laptop stand makes your workspace more ergonomic. you don’t need to hunch over while typing or while reading this article, because your laptop screen would be at eye level. Thanks to this desk accessory, your nape or shoulders should be more comfortable. Another good thing about this desk accessory is it helps your laptop release heat effectively.

If you’re interested in this, the most expensive one we can find in Lazada will cost you 1,600 pesos. It’s already aluminum alloy and height-adjustable. However, you do have cheaper options.

Meanwhile, if a headphone stand or smartphone/ tablet stand is the only desk accessory you’re missing out on, just prepare 200 to 300 pesos and you should be good.

It may or may not be a desk accessory, but you should still have one!

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Last on our list is maybe the most underrated thing on your work-from-home desk. So, here’s a reminder. Have a cleaning kit on your desk! it doesn’t even have to be on your desk, you can store it in a drawer or in the organizer you just bought.

Having a cleaning kit is useful, especially if your laptop or keyboard gets dusty, or if you’re like me and fingerprint smudges on the screen and trackpad annoy you. A good microfiber cloth, a brush, and a cleaning solution that you can spray on the cloth (not directly on the screen!) are all you need to keep your work from home gadgets clean.

If you want one, you can find it in Lazada for 300 pesos or cheaper.

See? It doesn’t have to cost you a fortune just to have a decent to beautiful work from home desk set up. So go ahead, and add all of these to your cart. Having an organized and beautiful workspace will definitely help your productivity.

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