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We just found a healthier and guilt-free way to enjoy milk tea drinks

We just found a healthier and guilt-free way to enjoy milk tea drinks

Double Tea Ph, a leading milk tea franchising company, in partnership with Massdrop Marketing, has come up with the new innovation of adding whitening and slimming effects to the all-time favorite of Filipinos. Adding to the list of the new exciting products in the market is Parfait, a powdered milk tea drink with chia seeds.

“Parfait” which means Perfect in French is being offered in two (2) amazing flavors with different beneficial effects:

Strawberry Powdered Milk Tea with Whitening effects containing the natural ingredients:

  1. Black Tea
  2. Stevia 
  3. Collagen 
  4. Glutathione 
  5. Sakura Extract 
  6. Chia Seeds 

Avocado Powdered Milk Tea with Slimming effects containing the natural ingredients:


  1. Black Tea 
  2. Ashitaba 
  3. Stevia 
  4. Green Tea 
  5. Garcinia Cambogia 
  6. L-Carnitine 
  7. Chia Seeds

According to Don King Solomon Lopez, the over-all President and CEO of Double Tea PH, this product is perfect for people who are weight and beauty conscious yet still, want to enjoy the goodness of milk tea drinks.

“Parfait was conceptualized and created for people to enjoy the luxury of consuming a trendy beverage today in a healthier and guilt-free way. I want all the Filipinos who wish to have a slimmer body and healthier skin to look at drinking milk tea as an additional supplement, and not just an ordinary drink.”

Parfait will be available in the market online starting November 30, 2020, via their Facebook Page – Parfait and Instagram Page  @ilove_parfait alongside with other online selling platforms. Meanwhile, the company processes its accreditation with groceries so it can be made available nationwide. To jumpstart the launching of the product, some of our influencers and celebrities will join their campaign #PassTheParfait. In fact, his is a giveaway promo to provide aid to the students who are now in online schooling due to the pandemic. 


The launching will be started with the company giving away two (5) Ipad Air as consolation prizes, and one (1) Yamaha NMAX 155 as the major prize to six lucky winners of the giveaway promo. The said campaign and other charity events of the company will be spearheaded by Team Superklenk. It is a group of celebrities and vloggers who travel the country to promote tourism and provide aid to those who are in need.

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It’s team leader, veteran actress Ms. Ara Mina has quoted, “Our team has sworn that we are forming this group to be able to help those people in need, to raise the level of tourism in the Philippines, and to use our influence for the benefit of the needy. I am delighted that I am joined by my close friends in showbusiness in fulfilling this mission. Our team is always open to possibilities where we will be able to help and provide assistance to our fellow Filipinos.”

Business Development Consultant, Dodj Mallari, who also happens to be an actor and a member of Team Superklenk, linked the two organizations together in forming a bigger support aid to our fellow Filipinos, has imparted his own words regarding this project.

“All the people I know have been greatly affected by the pandemic and the natural calamities which nearly destroyed big parts of our country. My personal mission is to help small businesses and link them to potential contacts one-by-one to help bring back the economy to its lucrative state. With Parfait being a new part of my team, I believe in its benefits and the product itself, and I know it will reach a bigger market sooner or later.”

Parfait will be made available to Metro Manila residents starting November 30, 2020. Some regions near the country’s center of trade through its regional distributors can also avail the products. On the other hand, Parfait products will be available nationwide by the first quarter of 2020.

Be one of the first to #PassTheParfait!

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