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Unlock Your Childhood Memories This Christmas with Meiji Snacks on Shopee!

Unlock Your Childhood Memories This Christmas with Meiji Snacks on Shopee!


Naughty or nice, Meiji is bringing us a sweet holiday treat on Shopee!

At this point, almost every 90s and 00s Filipino kids grew up with snacks from Meiji. When the bell for recess in school rings, you know that at least one of your classmates is eating a box of addicting chocolate-filled biscuits.

Up until now, we admittedly keep coming back for our favorite childhood snacks. Fortunately for this jolly season, Meiji and Shopee is about to make our Christmas sweeter by offering discounts with up to 30% off on Hello Panda, Almond Black Chocolate, and Fran Chocolate, this December 5!

Moreover, you can immediately solve your chocolate cravings in just 2-3 days through their Shopee Express Delivery.

(Express Delivery is available only to Metro Manila and selected part of Luzon)

Meiji Hello Panda Assorted Box 260g

As you may know, Hello Panda is one of the OG Filipino childhood snacks no one can ever resist. First released in Japan in 1979, this filled biscuit is one of their most-loved and best-selling products.

With Meiji’s Hello Panda Assorted Box, you can get the best of three worlds with four (4) foil bags of Chocolate Flavor (26g), Strawberry Flavor (26g), and Milk Flavor (26g).

Meiji Almond Black Chocolate 74g (Set of 5)

If you’re looking for a subtle sweetness, the Almond Black Chocolate from Meiji is a must-buy! With a combination of top-quality almond nuts and black chocolate, we know that this is another crowd favorite.

By munching on the smooth chocolate texture with a crunchy core, you can get your sugar fix with an additional nutty taste!

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Meiji Fran Chocolate (Set of 5)

Feel like nibbling on something? These delicious Meiji biscuit sticks are a no-fuss snack perfect for sharing with friends or a loved one.

Dipped in a rich chocolate cream, Meiji Fran Chocolate is a premier stick chocolate snack made with premium ingredients.

Remember, all of us needs to honor our cravings once in awhile. Don’t deprive yourself of these sweet treats!

Check out more snacks by clicking on this Shopee link.

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