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Ugbo Street Foods You Should Try Out ASAP!

Ugbo Street Foods You Should Try Out ASAP!

The lengthy, congested stretch of Ugbo Street Food, became well-known for its countless vendors and stalls. Everything you crave can be found and enjoyed, in the night food market here in Tondo. Here are some of the food snaps that you can try as well when you visit the place.

Ugbo street foods

Ugbo Street Foods You Should Try Out ASAP!

Tumbong or pork bung soup

Starting off with the most famous one, pork bung soup is greatly enjoyed after drinking because it prevents hangovers. Pork bung soup is partnered with lechon kawali, and fried rice. This has a deep pork flavor, best eaten during cold or rainy weather.

Ice cream dessert

Without a single doubt, ice cream is one of the best desserts we enjoyed as Filipinos. You can see creative presentations of ice creams in Ugbo, infused with different flavors according to your choice.

One of my favorites is the Oreo Overload ice cream, perfect for people who love cookies and cream. It also comes with different chocolate flavors like KitKat, Reese, and Ferrero Rocher. You can also add bubble waffles, and choco sticks to these overloaded ice creams.

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The new ASMR TikTok trend, which is the fried ice cream rolls, is also now available in Ugbo. Just like the overload ice cream, it is also offered in various kinds of your favorite chocolate brands. So if you have a sweet tooth, there’s no reason for you not to go to Ugbo.

Korean snacks

If you’re a Filipino with a Korean heart, no worries because you can now enjoy your favorite Korean snacks here. The food that you usually see in mukbang videos, and the snacks usually enjoyed by your favorite Korean artists are available in Ugbo. There are the crunchy and tasty corn dogs, sweet and spicy tteokbokki (rice cakes), and odeng (fish cakes).

Ugbo, Tondo has a lot more. There are stalls that offer sizzling meals that you can eat at the tables on the street sides. Various skewers roasted over flaming charcoal, are also offered. Lastly, different flavors of beverages are offered like cucumber, guyabano, mango, dragon fruit, etc. So if you’re looking for an affordable place to hang out, grab your keys and pin Ugbo now!

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