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UAE-based Filipino director wins award in Paris International Film Awards

UAE-based Filipino director wins award in Paris International Film Awards

Filipino director wins abroad with "Limbaswang"

On May 27, a Filipino director won an award at the Paris International Film Awards.

Filipino director wins award in Paris.

Francis Luscianne Javier Gacer, a 45-year-old Filipino works as a designer at a multinational supermarket chain in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Eighteen days ago, he won three awards at the Nawada International Film Festival. He also shared,

I honestly didn’t expect to win but I am confident I will bring a good fight. Fortunately enough, the Paris International Film Awards has proven me wrong – I should not have belittled my works.

Limbaswang revolves around a family in Capiz. The province became particularly known in the Philippines for voodoo. The family buried a wooden box of incantation. Then, a young woman discovered it later and used it against her older sister.

On May 29, via an email interview, the director of KMF shared his experience in casting. He mentioned the 29-year-old nanny of a Lebanese family and native of Agusan del Sur. Gacer said,

Picking the casts and convincing them is never a difficulty because, in Kiko Man Films, we rotate the members in terms of exposure. As soon as the cycle is designated to Jennelyn Empasis, it was an instant head-nod of affirmation because I know how versatile she is and so are the rest of the cast.

Gacer maintains that he does horror movies, not for the sake of experiencing it and self-fulfillment. More importantly, he does them because he found an effective recipe for a film masterpiece. Also, he loves creating these types of movies because they require all the artistic techniques and flairs he knew.

The director also explained what he aims to relay with this piece of work,

Basically the message of the film is about the veracity of demon possession and the existing superstitious beliefs in the Philippines, particularly in the province of Capiz. In the film, I also have portrayed how simple and yet exuberant the Philippine culture is even in its remote areas.

He also mentioned the other film he made,

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