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Tiktok is redefining the word ‘bimbo’ and it’s the best thing ever!

Tiktok is redefining the word ‘bimbo’ and it’s the best thing ever!

Hi. Welcome to Bimbo Tiktok,” Chrissy Chlapecka says breathily with mouth half-open and a vacant stare in her impeccably made-up eyes. She twirls in front of her mirror wearing a minidress and a matching faux-fur trimmed coat that compliments her long platinum hair. As one of the de facto leaders of BimboTok, Chlapecka introduces you to a glittery island where ‘girls, gays, and theys’ are definitely welcome. Of course, sometimes fellow bimbo Griffin Maxwell Brooks would accompany her in videos doing hot bimbo shit.


Tiktok is redefining the word ‘bimbo’ and it’s the best thing ever!

The History.

For the longest of time, the word ‘bimbo’ remained a slang term for a conventionally attractive, sexualized, naive, and unintelligent woman. Of course, what men of today don’t know though is that the word has changed its sex. Derived from an Italian word for a baby boy, the slang term started in 1919 where it referred to a male unintelligent brutish bully. However, it didn’t take too long for things to change.

In 1920, a song was written for a Broadway revue titled My Little Bimbo Down On The Bamboo Isle. This referred not to a brutish man, but to a beautiful, voluptuous woman. Precisely what instigated the change remained unclear. No matter what inspired it, the term became a derogatory term attached to women.

The Gen Z Bimbo.

Bimbos of today are all-inclusive, gender-neutral, leftist icons. They remain staunchly pro-sex work, pro-LGBTQ, pro-BLM, and anti-straight white male. Bimbos are naturally not hateful. But, bimbos of today would fight a straight white male to protect the people that need protecting. They will use their hidden knowledge to beat you down and make you look like an idiot in front of their many many viewers. They can ruin you and you won’t even expect it. The Gen Z Bimbo is beautiful, powerful, and most especially, colorful.

The aesthetic. 

Perhaps most surprisingly, the bimbo of today remains an anti-capitalist. Of course, the irony stands as the bimbo aesthetic is predicted on consumerist values. It costs a lot of money to be hyperfeminine. Make-up costs a lot of money. You’re going to need primer, eyeliner, lashes. Then, there’s the hair, the nails, and the clothes.

Sometimes, they’ll even invest in fillers, botox, and even surgeries. So, understandably, many of Chlapecka’s videos would include an #ihatecapitalism hashtag. The modern bimbo aesthetic now makes you embrace the thought of dressing however a person wants and look hot without catering to other people’s expectations. A bimbo can favor glittery mesh tops, jangly earrings, jewel-toned hair dye, and bedazzled combat boots as long as they feel hot in it.

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What it truly means…

Being a bimbo of today means to subvert traditional expectations associated with gender and sexuality. For gays who adopt this very feminine aesthetic, it means that they have to be alright with no longer fitting this specific mold so some other gay men will not be attracted to them. Being a bimbo means looking at how a person wants to look and if that was initially about catering to the male gaze, they will surely take it back.

Many others see this as a way to tackle gender oppression, stereotyping, and gender norms. Being a bimbo of today means becoming everything that men want visually while also being everything they hate – self-aware, sexually empowered, politically conscious, and so much more. This movement reverses the fetishization of femininity.

Now… Own your sexuality, be aware of your own beauty, and live the life of being pretty. Be aware of the shit that is going on around you and fight the shit that oppresses you. Be a bimbo! 

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