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This Casa Buenas restaurant gives a comforting vibe like your grandma’s home

This Casa Buenas restaurant gives a comforting vibe like your grandma’s home


Foods do not only satisfy our cravings but they also can take us to a trip down the memory lane. A specific taste and smell can make us recall a warm feeling or flashbacks. This is exactly the inspiration behind Casa Buenas’ executive chef Godfrey Laforteza and his team in creating their dishes. Casa Buenas is the newest signature restaurant from Resorts World Manila.

Dishes and interiors exude a classy but homey appeal

The Casa Buenas’ menu consists of Filipino cuisine with Spanish influences. Although the flavor of the dishes are familiar, Laforteza has a combination that exceeds the usual lutong bahay. For example, the Sinulog roasted chicken has a unique combination of spice and tanginess of tanglad. The grilled Angus beef tenderloin is flavored with a spicy fennel that customers will surely find appetizing. For sweet-lovers, have three options in their menu: tablea chocolate fondant, Emperador strudel, and a ube cheese souffle.

Photo by JL Javier from CNN PH website

Godfrey Laforteza shared that these dishes somehow reminds him  of his childhood spent visiting his lola’s house on Sundays. He said  she would prepare his favorite dishes and lay out the nice kubyertos for all the guests.

Photo by JL Javier from CNN PH website

“Some of the menu [items] are, as I’ve said, familiar flavors,” says Laforteza. “I don’t want to over-invent. I just want to [give you the feeling of], ‘Uy, I know that taste.’ You know the movie ‘Ratatouille’? That is one of my pegs. Everybody’s so busy doing something, but when that person tried that ratatouille, it brings back childhood memories.”

The interior of the restaurant appears like a wide, breezt Bahay na Bato with its 135-seating capacity. It has a “pamilya” room that includes an enormous communal table to fit the whole family and relatives. Meanwhile, there’s a private gazebo with a stained glass dome, a classy bar. and a comedor for small group or diners.

Wanting to try the sumptuous dishes of Casa Buenas? Go ahead and treat yourself to a meal that will fill your tummy and mind with good memories. Casa Buenas is located at G/F, Newport Grand Wing, Portwood St., Newport City. For more information visit this website.

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