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There are 40 Filipino students stranded in China, they need our help

There are 40 Filipino students stranded in China, they need our help

As classes in China came to end amid the coronavirus pandemic, forty Filipino students, who were in a study program, are calling for help. In a report on newscast show Stand for Truth, Aimee Chang revealed that they no longer received monetary benefits from their respective universities after their study programs ended. Hence, they are now struggling financially in this time of global health crisis.

“Tapos na lahat ng mga study programs namin. So kasama noon, wala na rin kaming stipend or allowance from the universities. So ang pinaka worry namin is how will we survive the next months kung hindi pa talaga kami makakauwi,” Chang said.

In fact, some of the Filipino students were already being asked to move out of their respective dormitories.


“Like myself. Though hindi naman kailangan, I decided to move out of the dorm na so I won’t pay the bills kasi mahal din siya. So right now, I’m just staying with some Filipino friends,” Chang said.

“So I found a Filipino community here in Shenzhen and I’m staying with them for the meantime,” she added.

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Chang, at the latter of part of the interview, expressed hope that by sharing their story, our Filipinos, especially our government, would hear their cry for help.

“I’ve just decided to post our situation in social media just to raise awareness. So whatever push is needed for the approval of the repatriation flight is makatulong siya somehow,” she said.

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