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Tarsier Records grows as more artists join like KZ, Bugoy, and GIBBS

Tarsier Records grows as more artists join like KZ, Bugoy, and GIBBS

ABS-CBN’s international-forward music label Tarsier Records builds up its artist roster. They started introducing new acts in its family through the campaign Class of 2021. The lineup announcement for 2021 comes as the ABS-CBN Music label evolves from being the home of electronic dance music or EDM. Of course, this catered to millennial-gen Z listeners in its first cycle. This comes to having a catalog shaped with artists’ growth, the music they create, and the sound of today.


Tarsier Records launches new acts to watch out for in Class of 2021

Founder and Tarsier Records’ label head Chris Lopez aka Moophs shared:

“We’ve definitely widened our view on the kind of music we support which I think is a good thing. All that really matters is does it have a vibe and do we think it will connect with our audiences, wherever they may be.”

Top Filipino talents and original signees reaffirm ties with Tarsier Records. They also lead its vibrant, welcoming, and emerging Class of 2021. Of course, this includes Inigo Pascual, Kiana V, Sam Concepcion, Markus, Moophs, Subzylla, Edana, Kyler, YUZON, and Xela.

Shaping the label 

Familiar names continue to further shape the label this year. This, on the other hand, includes OPM greats. Such as KZ Tandingan, Bugoy Drilon, Chi, and Gabs Gibbs of the musical duo GIBBS, former Boyband PH member Rusell Reyes, TikTok viral singer-songwriter Zion Aguirre, and singer-songwriters SAB and Miguel Odron. Meanwhile, they also have the best up-and-coming acts to watch out for.

This includes rapper Dotty, R&B artists daze, Annette, and Gessie. Spotify Radar 2021 folk-gospel-neo-soul act allen&elle also remains incorporated in this. Aside from that, you should also watch out for Singapore-based Filipino artists Tonie Enriquez and Dave Anounuevo, and esteemed Asian DJ-producers Arthur Tan and Kaiyo. This would also include indie artist Recio, and youngest of the batch Ocean Crosby, a teenage guitar whiz & singer-songwriter.


Making milestones

Since its launch in 2017, Tarsier Records has started to make milestones in the export of Filipino talents on the world stage. Of course, this would include the import of international music to Filipino audiences. This would be a feat that labels head Moophs feels proud of and hopes to continue in their future. He said:

“If there’s anything I’m proud of with our brand, it’s the quality. We don’t release bad music, it’s just not something we do, and we release a lot of music, so I hope that’s perceptible to people.”

“My hope for the label is to continue to grow as a portal for the import and export of good music; a place where artists and fans from anywhere in the world can gather, collaborate, exchange ideas and help tell our collective story. I couldn’t be more excited for what’s ahead.”

Get to know about Tarsier Records’ Class of 2021 on their social media accounts @tarsierrecords and listen to the label’s official Spotify playlist

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