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Embrace your safe space with syd hartha and kiyo’s song, “3:15”

Embrace your safe space with syd hartha and kiyo’s song, “3:15”

The renowned and multi-talented singer-songwriter syd hartha is in full display of her eclecticism with the release of her song, 3:15. The young artist expresses her complicated feelings towards someone who is imperfect by any means but certainly, is still very important to her life.

syd hartha | Sony Music Entertainment

3:15 is about how someone feels wrong but feels so good at the same time. “I always try to convince myself that someone or something won’t always be good to me, but for some reason, I end up giving in.

syd hartha

Embrace your safe space with syd hartha and kiyo’s song, “3:15”

The title of the song was inspired by the sudden reflections that happen in the early yet dark, witching hours of the morning when one is stirred from slumber and wakes up, profusely searching for answers and signs.

It was supposed to just be temporary, until I realized that the title shares a connection with the lyrics: that specific time can also symbolize trying to make the most out of the dark.

kiyo | From the 3:15 Official Music Video

Meanwhile, the Filipino rapper and producer kiyo dropped some smooth and exquisite verses which complement the track’s honest depiction of fallibility where moments such as a narrative becomes more loose and moody as it reaches the lateness of the hour.

kiyo puts it, “anino sa paligid, may gustong sabihin / dami ng mga mata, bakit ‘di marinig” which are lines that keeps one awake, harboring the complicated feelings of desire and danger.

3:15 also comes with a music video conceptualized by Pau Tiu and supervised by Raliug from Lunchbox Productions.

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According to the filmmaker, the visual material is a perfect visualization of what the song is about: enveloping oneself in the comforts of one’s safe space, which is a place where emotions such as fear and shame, are present and always welcome.”

3:15 is part of a new and upcoming EP by syd hartha which Brian Lotho will be producing.

syd wants to assert her creative agency by exploring specific moods in every song by combining folk and stripped-down elements while adding contemporary flair. Offering a more introspective and personal approach to songwriting.

3:15 by syd hartha and kiyo is out now on all digital music platforms worldwide via Sony Music Entertainment. Watch the music video here on YouTube.

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