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Spy x Family: Reasons why you must watch it

Spy x Family: Reasons why you must watch it

Countries are on the brink of war and spies are the heroes that can never be recognized. Loid Forger, a spy from Westalis has a mission to stop the brewing war with the neighboring country, Ostania.

To do this, Loid has to create a fake family, he needs a child that will infiltrate the prestigious school Eden Academy. He then adopted Anya, a telepath from a rundown orphanage.

However, to enter the academy, Anya needs both her mother and father for the interview. This put Loid into a search for a wife and due to an unexpected turn of events, he found one, Yor Briar an assassin, who fills the role of Anya’s mother.

Spy x Family is a new anime that revolves around a spy, a telepath, and an assassin. That’s trying to live as a normal family to hide their secret identity and mission. Not interested yet? Here are more reasons why you should watch Spy x family

Interesting Storyline

Spy x Family doesn’t have a heavy plot, in fact, it’s all heartwarming and comedy. Despite the story description, this anime is very wholesome and family-friendly. The storyline is interesting even though it’s not the usual action-adventure series.

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We will follow the Forger Family as they try their best to look like a normal family while hiding their secrets from each other. Everything they do is for world peace even Yor and Anya, every episode deals with a different issue. Like how Anya’s failed exam will doom Operation Strix, the code name of Loid’s mission.

Fun Characters

The characters are interesting in their way. Anya is an innocent telepath who most of the time still confused about the events transpiring even though she could read minds. Yor is really sweet, overprotective, and caring despite having a cold-blooded side. She really cherishes her family even if it’s not real.

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Loid is getting attached to the fake family he created for the sake of his mission. He’s loving the normal life of being a father and a husband. You’ll also meet other characters like Damian Desmond, the son of Loid’s target, Anya’s best friend, Becky, Yuri, Yor’s brother, and a lot more.

Fake Family protects the peace

Forger Family’s shenanigans are worth the time to watch. If you are looking for a lighthearted plot series, filled with comedy and some action, then this series is for you. It’s entertaining, silly, and guaranteed to make you laugh.

Spy x Family is confirmed to have 25 episodes. As of now the first part of the series which has 12 episodes is completed. While the 2nd part will premier in October this year. This series is available to watch on Netflix, make sure to try it out you will not regret it. While waiting for part 2 you can also read the manga by Endou Tatsuya

Spy! Mission! So exciting! – Anya Forger

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