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Protect Your Skin From The Summer Heat With These 4 Easy Steps

Protect Your Skin From The Summer Heat With These 4 Easy Steps

The sun has started to get brighter and hotter as summer arrives. UV rays from the sun can cause skin damage in as little as fifteen minutes. And, prolonged exposure and damage can lead to various forms of skin cancer, many of which can remain preventable. Taking care of your skin, especially during the summer, is definitely a must!

Protect Your Skin From The Summer Heat With These 4 Easy Steps


Higher SPF numbers on sunblocks and sunscreens inidcate increased protection. Dermatologists all around the world recommend using at least SPF 30. Use sunscreen as much as you can and don’t forget to reapply every two hours. Aside from that, you can also wear sunglasses with UVA and UVB protection. That way, you can prevent damage to the sensitive skin around your eyes. 


Constant exposure to the sun will dehydrate your skin. Drinking eight to ten glasses of water will help. However, you should drink more depending on your state of hydration. Overall heat and temperature rises when we are dehydrated. So, avoid heat strokes and remain hydrated! Drink water and eat healthily. Eating foods rich in antioxidants and proteins help stimulate collagen which maintains the elasticity of the skin while preventing wrinkles.


Exposure to sunlight releases a hormone called serotonin which remains associated with boosting mood and helping a person feel calm and focused. At night, darker lighting triggers the brain to make another hormone called melatonin. This, on the other hand, remains responsible for helping you sleep. With that said, you can manipulate light exposure to help yourself sleep better at night and be alert during the day. 

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Summer is a time for beach days, pool parties, and vacations. It’s also a great time for a skincare makeover. The longer hours of daylight and hot, dry, or humid weater affect our skin differently than colder days. Aside from sunscreen, you also have to keep moisturizing. A heavy moisturizer can feel like it’s weighing your face down when it’s hot out. So, we suggest feeling a ligher one. 

If you do want to wear make up, wearing tons of it can feel like an unnecessary extra later. If you sweat, makeup will surely come off more easily. So, embrace the summer season and pare down on your makeup routine. Wear less makeup and let your skin breathe. You will also need to exfoliate once or twice a week. That way, you can help unclog the pores and reduce blemishes. 

Protect your skin and let us know what other steps we missed!

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