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No-no themes for any events or photoshoots

No-no themes for any events or photoshoots

Just in case you didn’t know, Donnalyn Bartolome had captured a public uproar due to a photo shoot she had where she portrayed infants in a sexualized manner. The post also went viral and received negative reactions from netizens and progressive communities.

Afterward, Donnalyn deleted the post and issued an apology.

We all hoped that Donnalyn sincerely has started educating herself and unlearning inappropriate practices. However, she would do another inappropriate theme for her birthday party that disappointed many.

So, here are a few no-no themes for any events or photoshoots:

Themes involving kids

Children are a gift. And most importantly, we have all been children. We must do everything to protect their innocence and make the world a safer place for them. Part of protecting children is fighting child predators and pedophiles. We can do so by refraining from portraying children in a sexual way and exposing those who do so. Let kids be kids. We, adults, must spare children from the stupidity of stupid adults.

Poverty porn

In a world where the majority still are poor, the least thing we can do is give them dignity. Whenever people in the media use slums and poor life as themes for their projects, it just pushes the poor further. Aside from that, people can help them without the camera and digging into their lives. Nothing is beautiful or aesthetic about poverty. Their struggles are real. Helping them would take a village or better a government reform, not clout.

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Themes trivializing races

Let me be clear: Featuring REAL indigenous people and culture is encouraged. But it needs to be done in an appropriate way with proper guidance from experts. Racism is horrible. Many people of different races suffer discrimination and harassment for being them. Indigenous people are fighting for their heritage and identity despite that struggle. To reduce their culture to a fad and objectification is an insult to them. The only people who can be like them are alone!

Sexual objectification

Humans are not sexual objects and will never be. The body is sacred and deserves respect. Despite flaws, our bodies are perfect. It is our own. Bodies are natural and they do not exist for gaze alone. Each has a purpose, and dude, they’re none of your business.

Themes make events fun and it also makes a photoshoot cohesive. However, there are themes that remain a no-no.

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