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Mother Box Origins: Art Imitates Art In New ‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League’ Official Clip

Mother Box Origins: Art Imitates Art In New ‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League’ Official Clip

VP feature Mother Box

Zack Snyder released a promotional video for his “Justice Leaguefilm during the IGN Fan Fest. The almost 2-minute clip features the superhero team’s founding members. It runs to the tune of Tom Waits’ “Time”.


Justice League Mother Box


What makes the video so visually stunning isn’t just because of how it looked. Although, the concept of the Supers meshed into the Mother Boxes is something to behold. But the minutes details in each scene can excite fans for the release even more.

We kid you not — there are a looot of Easter eggs.

From Martha Wayne’s necklace in Batman’s side of the Mother Box, to the school bus from Man of Steel in Superman’s corner. We even get to see the ‘Nora Allen’ gravestone for Flash and Steve Trevor’s watch for Wonder Woman.

I doodled all those. There’s a million Easter eggs in it, and if you go look there’s storylines that I had been working on that if the film had been continued or if you look at the past histories, there’s a bunch of little details in there for everybody,” Snyder teased. “It’s really worth taking a long slow look at because it’s really fun, and I think for fans it’s really a treat.”


The clip starts off with Ray Fisher‘s Cyborg. It then proceeds with Ben Affleck‘s Batman, Ezra Miller‘s Flash, and Jason Mamoa‘s Aquaman. To conclude, the video turns to Henry Cavill‘s Superman and then Gal Gadot‘s Wonder Woman.

At first glanve, everything looks random. However, this is Zack Synder we’re talking about. The order of things wouldn’t be by mere chance.

More importantly, it features the Justice League founding members as either art, myth, martyrs, or historical figures.


CYBORG as the Vitruvian Man

Courtesy of Warner Bros.

The each Justice League member finds themselves in one corner of a Mother Box. Interstingly, Cyborg is seen tangled on a separate Box. Despite being a founding member of the team, his power’s origins make him a vulnerable tool against his friends and even the world. This is seen countless times in the comics. He unwittingly becomes a mole for the world-conquering Darkseid due to his connections with the Mother Box.

Although, there’s a red beam of light that comes out of his eye that connects to Batman. Even with his current state, he still has ways to get in touch with himself, with his friends. This also serves as a good homage. Batman was the one who gathered all of them to become the Justice League in the first movie.

The reference is the Vitruvian Man. Leonardo da Vinci’s work demonstrates mathematical perceptions in art. Moreover, it depicts that man is divinely connected to the workings of the universe. A nod that Cyborg can eventually create Boom Tubes. These are portals that can take him and anyone else to any part of the world and even the universe. With the Vitruvian Man showing one head with two bodies superimposed into each other, it represents Cyborg’s duality. Neither man nor a machine. Not evil, but not entirely good.


BATMAN as St. Sebastian

Justice League BatmanCourtesy of Warner Bros.

Batman has always been mostly independent throughout his years as a crime fighter. Having formed the Justice League, he later realizes that being in a team can take you places. Batman also has a code: to not kill. In his core, Batman is a hero who tries to save everyone as much as he can, even if it results to his demise. His side of the Mother Box is shrouded in darkness, rain, and with the occasional lightning. It’s reminiscent to Gotham City, his home.

The reference is St. Sebastian. He’s the protector against plagues. St. Sebastian is a martyr who died after being beaten by wooden sticks. Interestingly, he is distinguished as being tied to a post and has arrows shot right through him. He miraculously didn’t die from this though.

His connection to plagues goes down to more literature roots. Apollo, the archer god, often strikes his enemies down with arrows enlaced with plague. Although the Greek deity wasn’t the one who casted the arrows at him per se. The connection comes metaphorically. St Sebastian has lived through arrows that could’ve killed him.

Despite him fighting hordes of aliens and unworldly beings, Batman has no superpowers. He takes all the hits, be it from criminals to actual gods. It’ll be an uneven match, but his quick thinking and sharp mind prove to be his biggest asset. Aside from being super rich. He lives through all the hurt just to save as many as he can.

THE FLASH as Hermes

Courtesy of Warner Bros.

The Flash is the fastest man alive. He outruns enemies by miles. Even time bends with each step he makes. But the Scarlet Speedster can’t escape his deathly past. With the Speed Force by his side, can he change the events-that-were and save the events-that-could-be?

Flash’s side of the Mother Box comes after Batman’s, with a bolt of lightning interjecting the two. The occasional lightning in Batman’s side could be the ones from Flash’s. It’s a creative callback between the heroes’ connection within the movies. Bruce Wayne personally recruits Barry Allen in Justice League. Thus, showing a partnership that’ll slowly build into the Justice League. Both heroes also have close encounters with death in their youth, a bond that’s rooted even in the comics.

The reference is Hermes, the messenger god. Hermes can move freely between the human and divine realms. He is also the one who guides the spirits of the departed into Hades, the underworld. With Flash’s ability to move swiftly across timelines, it’s no wonder that he’s the League’s deus ex machina.


AQUAMAN as Poseidon

Courtesy of Warner Bros.

Trident in hand, Aquaman is the king of the seven seas. Half-human, half-Atlantean, Arthur Curry is the bridge between the two races. Hesitant to lead an entire race, he slowly adapts to his life under the sea. His strength and ability to call upon the creatures of the deepest oceans to his aid is a winning factor for the Justice League.

His side of the Mother Box is reminiscent of his throne in Atlantis. The ripples of light act like the sun hitting the ocean waves. Of course, the source of this light could very well be from the Flash’s side of the box. An indication that everyone is all connected. It can also signify that he and Barry Allen share one thing from the movies — both have been personally invited by Bruce Wayne to join the League.

The reference is none other than the Greek god of the sea and storms, Poseidon. Aside from Flash/Hermes, Poseidon/Aquaman is a dead ringer. With control of the biggest part of the Earth, Aquaman is a king in his own right.


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SUPERMAN as The Ascension of Christ

Justice League SupermanCourtesy of Warner Bros.

The most god-like of all, Superman goes full circle as he rises from the dead. He’s the last of his Kryptonian kind, and he walks among us on this Earth. Both are worshiped, both are feared. Moreover, his strength balances his heart too.

The Mother Box itself looks like it’s breaking from his weight. The Box’s hot core doesn’t seem to faze the hero. If you catch it, a red beam of light breaks through his heart. It could be the same laser from Cyborg’s eye, passing directly through the box from Batman’s side. It could also be a metaphor.

In the original Justice League movie, Cyborg’s power over technology, along with the Flash, helped revive the dead Kryptonian,. It’s still unknown how the League would resurrect their fallen comrade this time.

The reference is border-line controversial, but the parallels are so striking. Jesus Christ is the Messiah, born from the mortal Mary with the intercession of the Holy Spirit. Kal-El is an alien sent to Earth as a sign of hope from the dying Krypton. He is adopted by two humans and raised like one. Both have died in the hands of man’s greed and power. Both have also risen from the dead. Superman’s ascension symbolizes a new hope, a chance for a man to fight against the evil Darkseid.


WONDER WOMAN as Joan of Arc

Justice League Wonder WomanCourtesy of Warner Bros.

Wonder Woman is a symbol of a woman’s strength and power. In a war between men and themselves, the Amazonian princess has taken upon herself to fight alongside the forces of good. Oddly enough, her side of the Mother Box is the last to be shown. She is surrounded with trinkets of love and war. There is also an impending explosion from the back. This could be the same force that’s shown on Superman’s side.

The inspiration is Joan of Arc. Joan is the patron saint of martyrs, captives, military personnel, and women in the service. She was even allegedly burned at the stake. The burning effect behind Wonder Woman could just be a visual representation of how Joan of Arc was executed. It could also act as a symbol for the superhero’s duty to fight until her last breath as a warrior. Being the last to be presented, it could also mean that it’ll be by her sword that Steppenwolf, Darkseid’s herald, will meet his end in the new Justice League movie.

Moreover, with Wonder Woman as the last side of the Mother Box, it circles (or squares?) back to Cyborg. In the 2017 theatrical version of the movie, it was her inspirational talk that helped make Cyborg’s mind in joining the rest of the Justice League.



Zack Synder’s Justice League streams on HBO Max in the United States on March 18, 2021. For the rest of the world, local video streaming platforms have promised that they’ll air the movie at the same time. In the Philippines, the movie will be streamed on HBO Go.


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