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Mina Choi of South Korea is Miss Earth 2022

Mina Choi of South Korea is Miss Earth 2022

Mina Choi of South Korea is Miss Earth 2022

Annyeong Haseyo! We finally found our new Woman of the Earth! Pageant history has been made as South Korea’s Mina Sue Choi wins its country their first Miss Earth crown. The 25-year-old communications student from Incheon bested out 85 other candidates for the title.

Succeeding outgoing titleholder, Destiny Wagner of Belize, Miss Earth 2022 took place at the Cove Manila in Okada. A favorite from the beginning, during the final answer, Mina delivered a powerful message. When asked about what is one thing we humans should correct, she stated that it should be empathy.

We often mistake kindness as being empathetic. But what being empathetic is really putting yourself in someone else’s shoes. And when it comes to climate issues and other issues in this world, one has to be empathetic. You really need to see how the other person perceives this world. You need to understand their pain by being in their shoes and what it feels like to be empathetic. Kindness and empathy can be different and if I get the chance to really define it differently, that’s how I’ll define it.

Born in Sydney, Australia, Mina has been all over the world. Residing in countries such as Canada, United States, China, and of course, Korea. An advocate on the reduction of Carbon footprints, Mina aims to teach sustainable mobility and encouraging lifestyles to solve this problem.

Completing the Top 4 are Australia, Palestine, and Colombia.

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Here’s a quick recap of Miss Earth 2020.

The Elemental Court

Earth: Mina Sue Choi of South Korea
Air: Sheridan Mortlock of Australia
Water: Nadeen Ayoub of Palestine
Fire: Andrea Aguilera of Colombia

The Runners-Up (Top 8)

Daphne Nivelles of Belgium
Merel Hendriksen of The Netherlands
Paulina Alves of Puerto Rico
Sakhile Dube of Zimbabwe

Top 12 Finalists

Jessica Pedroso
Sheyla Ravelo of Cuba
Esther Ajayi of Nigeria
Maria Rosado of Portugal

Top 20 Semifinalists

Anezka Heraleck of Czech Republic
Hiwot Kassa of Ethiopia
Alannah Larkin of Ireland
Diana Andimba of Namibia
Lilly Sodal of Norway
Jenny Ramp of The Philippines
Lea Prstec of Slovenia
Thac Thu Thao of Vietnam

Congratulations to you, Mina! You have, for sure, made your country proud! We can’t wait to see how your journey will unfold but one thing is for sure, you deserved all of it. We wish you a fruitful reign and the very best of luck!

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