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Mimiyuuuh surprises her parents with a new car

Mimiyuuuh surprises her parents with a new car

Our main ghorl Mimiyuuuh really knows how to make her parents happy as she surprises her parents with a new car!

On her latest vlog released Saturday, Mimiyuuuh said she was surprising her parents by buying their family’s first ever car.

“Gusto ko lang din maging comfortable ang kanilang pagta-travel.
“They’ve been working really hard since day one and it’s about time na parang laid back na lang silang ganyan sa car. ‘Oooh is that a goat?’ ‘Yes mom that’s a goat.’ ’Di ba?”

Mimiyuuuh wanted a spacious and comfortable one for their big family so they could take trips to Bicol and Batangas.

During her visit to the car dealer, the Youtube superstar received a warm welcome and even a bouquet of flowers from the staff.

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“Nakakatuwa may pabukaklak, hindi pa Valentine’s,” said Mimiyuuuh.

After the test drive, she went home and detailed how she and her siblings would surprise their parents. However, the plan was almost foiled when her father learned about the surprise. Their mother, however, was still unaware, so the plan to surprise her was still on.

When the moment of truth came, it went better than expected when Mimiyuuuh’s father, who already knew about the car, still cried when it arrived.

The family then took a short trip in their new Toyota Hiace Super Grandia and tried some of its features.

According to Mimiyuuuh, she shared this update with her viewers because this was the kind of video she liked watching before she became a content creator herself.

Mimiyuuuh, at the latter part of the video, shares a message to all her subscribers:

“If you are watching right now and ito ang dream mo, you is just getting there. Don’t stop striving because you that b*tch. You know what I’m sayin’? You gonna skrrt skrrt on that wheels really soon, so let’s get it!” 
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