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Michael V. pens encouraging poem to 2022 election voters

Michael V. pens encouraging poem to 2022 election voters

On his social media accounts, Michael V. wrote a poem about the upcoming 2022 presidential elections.

A victim of unfair polls

He began his piece, posted on Thursday, September 30, saying Filipinos have been through to unjust polls in the past.

Also, Michael cited the events of impeachments and People Power Revolutions, saying it happened because of an uncommitted leader.

“We’ve been through the age of unfair elections.
Madalas, ang ending, sangkatutak na objections.
Umaabot sa People Power o kaya sa impeachment.
Kasi ‘yung nanalo e wala namang commitment!”

For the people

The Kapuso comedian went on, saying how people still register to vote in order to bring about change.

Additionally, Michael said voters hope how the candidates they vote for would prioritize the well-being of their countrymen.

“Sa gitna ng pandemic meron pa ring nagpa-rehistro.
Hoping pa rin tayo na may isang kandidato
Na ‘pag naka-puwesto e hindi mang-aabuso.
Na ang uunahin e kapakanan ng tao.”

Heart and mind

In his next verse, Michael urged voters to use their hearts and minds in deciding the country’s next leader, while calling out voters blinded by money.

“Wala naman akong balak makipagtalo.
Iboto n’yo na lang kung sino ang gusto n’yo.
‘Yung iba sa inyo nagpa-silaw na sa pera
Pero this time sana, utak at puso ang gumana.”

Furthermore, he praised people who voice their government opinions on social media.

However, he pressed how that would have no effect if they do not go out and vote.

“Sa lahat ng social media, grabe… ang tatalino n’yo!
Ang lakas ng loob mo na kumontra sa gobyerno
Wala namang epekto ‘yang mga pahaging mo!
Kasi ang hindi bumoto, walang karapatang mag-reklamo.”

Don’t waste your vote!

Michael concluded his poem by urging his fellow voters to no longer fall for false promises.

Moreover, he encouraged voters to not waste their votes for the upcoming 2022 national elections.

“Ilang presidente pa ang gusto mong manloko?
Ilang eleks’yon nang parang walang pagbabago?
‘Wag na tayong magpa-uto! ‘Wag na tayong magpa-gago!
Para hindi naman sana masayang ang boto.”

Michael made headlines last July 2020 after he tested positive for the deadly COVID-19 disease.

Moreover, by February 2021, news about his death circulated online. His wife reacted, calling it a hoax.

On the other hand, last September 29, the Commission of Elections (COMELEC) extended voter registration.

After September 30, the COMELEC will re-open registrations from October 11 to October 30.

This comes after lawmakers from the Congress and Senate passed bills about the extension.

Register to vote and vote wisely, dear readers! It’s time to bring about change and progress in our beloved country.

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