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READ: A patient describes what it was like to have the COVID-19

READ: A patient describes what it was like to have the COVID-19


Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, people have resorted to sharing information online — whether it is verified or a hoax. Info-sharing, though without verifying its veracity, can do more harm than good, it can even create unnecessary panic. Hence, it’s still a good practice to be kept informed, especially if you’re listening/reading to a first-hand experience. Yes, each case is unique, but isn’t this the best time to search for some encouragement and hope?

This is the reason why we would like to share a story of someone who has battled out the COVID-19. It is only through having direct insight into what truly happened on a personal basis can we understand what it was like.

We came across the bout of Michael Bane, who is confined at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, Illinois, through a Facebook post that has gone viral. He is a 42-year-old male who is relatively healthy, exercises regularly, and generally avoid being ill. But in spite of all these, he has contracted the dreaded disease. Still, in shape at 42, he remained among those unlikely to be impacted by the virus.

COVID-19: Showing of Symptoms

“My nose starts running, very mildly. I’m assuming it’s from the hot and sour soup. I don’t have to wipe it, blow it, or anything,” Michael said. He shared how it progressed and got worse as the day passed by. From a slightly runny nose to the sore throat to on and off fever and persistent coughing.

He shared his difficulties and how debilitating it was, to a point that it left him sleepless and always drenched in sweat. He also struggled with serious fatigue wherein different scenarios of death occurred to him.

“I feel broken, I don’t know how much fight is left in me. It’s like I’ve gone ten rounds with a heavyweight and he’s throwing all the punches. I can’t defend anymore, can’t do anything to lessen the blows. All I can do is get hit and hope that my natural vitality outlasts his ability to keep swinging,” Michael said metaphorically. It has surely taken a toll on him emotionally and mentally.

Lesson from this story

We will let you read the whole story through a link here, as he said himself, it’s too long to read but it’s surely worth it. The point is, we might be taking it lightly and it doesn’t feel real to some since it hasn’t happened to the people we know. There’s a possibility that it can leave us all overwhelmed.


It’s difficult for a lot of people since most of us in the country rely on our paychecks on the day to day basis, but not following the advisories of the government can lead us to contract it ourselves. It’s crucial to understand its grim threats, unable to do so can leave us financially broken or worse lead us to death.

In an unthinkable fashion, we also don’t want our loved ones to be affected by it just because we didn’t follow social distancing, proper quarantining, and proper hygiene. Without accountability and quick actions on our part, terrible consequences are on the horizon. We don’t want to end up regretful after this crisis.

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