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Lou Yanong is ready to take stage with ‘Tabing Ilog The Musical’

Lou Yanong is ready to take stage with ‘Tabing Ilog The Musical’

Former Pinoy Big Brother housemate Lou Yanong is ready to showcase her acting ability in Tabing Ilog The Musical. In an interview with, the model-turned-actress  talks about being part of her first ever stage production. She will play the role of Corinne, originally played by Desiree Del Valle in the ‘90s hit series Tabing Ilog. 

“I was able to watch the first episode of the original show. I’m planning to watch the whole season at least until I can. I’m just so excited because I feel like I relate to her so much. Sobrang relate ko sa kanya with a brother[like] Fonzy, sobrang kulit niya. Alam mo yung kulitan vibes with the kapatid nandun yun kasi I really love my sisters plus my vibe with my friends,” she said.

In fact, Lou said she can relate to her character who is also similar to her in many ways — an ultimate kikay.Nung auditions, wala kaming ino-audition na specific role. I think they were basing the role kung ano ka as a person. And that’s how I think I got my role. I love everything about her. I’m just so happy to tackle her story. It’s nice and I love it. I kind of relate, parang kung ano ako as a person, I feel like ganun din si Corinne. Makulit pag kasama niya yung brother niya and pag kasama niya yung barkada niya.

She’s kikay, she’s girly, as you can see is also me. And then yung pagiging warm niya, we get along with a lot of people. Siya yung kind of person who would pick up where you left off and I’m that kind of person,” she explained.

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Lou has been in the modeling industry for a years now, however she feels like this is whole new thing for her, despite her years of experience working in front of the camera as a model. “The most difficult part about theater is actually is the whole thing. As a model, you stand, you smile. It’s the same but in theater you sing, you dance, you act. There’s three mediums. Yun yung pinaka challenging and at the same time, you have to look as if it’s all effortless. But what do I love most about it is yung discipline.

It’s very humbling kasi yung fame after PBB, it was kind of in your face, it was very surprising and being here with Ms. Agot (Isidro) and everyone who’s been doing this for ilang decades and they’re still helping us do well rin. And you just strive to be like them. It’s very humbling,” she said.

Along with some of her PBB batchmates, Lou said she hopes fans will enjoy Tabing Ilog the musical which will be staged at the Dolphy theater inside the ABS-CBN compound. “This is a blessing and it’s a beautiful opportunity and majority of these people are from the reality show PBB and we know that when there’s a challenge, these people really want to do 100% so I hope you guys get to watch Tabing Ilog,” she said.

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