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LOOK: Jeremy Jauncey is the ultimate travel guy

LOOK: Jeremy Jauncey is the ultimate travel guy


We know you know why this guy is the talk of the town lately. We caught ourselves up about the big news too that he is Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach’s new man but in this article, we are to show you Jeremy Jauncey is more than that as he is a thrill-seeking businessman who happened to be the CEO of the internationally-renowned digital creative agency Beautiful Destinations.

Pia’s one lucky woman! Jeremy is the man behind awesome travel content that has won over hearts around the world. He became a jet-setting sensation for his out-of-this-world wandering photos which proves he really lives out our #travelgoals.

And my oh my, isn’t he as eye-candy as the sights he visited? The 35-year-old CEO rocks a killer physique, which totally compliments a “crowned” queen! Could this match get any more perfect?

Jeremy and his journey to success

However, Jeremy’s path met a few bumps on the road while he was starting his career. In fact, he didn’t finish college.

He shared during a Metro interview back in 2017, “I was so passionate to get into business that I saw university as a way to learn the skills that I needed to get into business. When I started my own company during that summer holiday of my freshman year, I found that I was learning more by actually going out there and doing it myself. And I was then doing it for myself and going and reading it in textbooks and after I was in uni. It didn’t make a lot of sense—I can spend the next three years reading about what I can do or I could just go and do it.”

He is a risk taker

Mr. Perfect was a risk taker and it was his thirst for discovering new places led him to success. In 2012, he created Beautiful Destinations with his brother Tom Jauncey. “We’re an agency (divided into) a creative team who deals with the clients by pitching ideas, managing them, and continuing the relationships; an audience team who looks after the content online; and a BD Originals team who produces creative content just for BD, unbranded campaigns just for ourselves,” he said in the same interview. “We once had 65,000 people from all over the world wanting to be part of us!”

Since then, they swept clients off their feet and saw a rather exponential grow and support from their audience. Currently, they are headquartered in New York and followed by 13.3 million on Instagram alone.

See Also

Jeremy has been everywhere but when asked about his experience in the Philippines, he deems it unforgettable. He once worked with the Department of Tourism and travelled to our picturesque locations and created travel content that woo social media!

“The people are so warm and friendly. The reason why I travel and do what I do is to meet people and experience new cultures. The first time I landed in the Philippines and everything subsequent, the people have been so warm and so inviting and I personally feel like I could help get that message to the rest of the world. A lot of it also go to the natural beauty—seeing the beaches and the natural jungles. Manila’s brilliant but going out into the country(side) was something I enjoyed!”

Now that he’s seeing one of our own, we hope that Jeremy gets to enjoy his stay in the Philippines as much as he wants!

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