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LOOK: Couples push through with wedding amid Taal eruption

LOOK: Couples push through with wedding amid Taal eruption


Nothing in this world could stop a wedding vow even a volcanic eruption for every sincere and lovely couple. Giant ash columns from Taal Volcano’s eruption did not stop these two couples from tying the knot on Sunday.

As seen in this photo taken by Peewee Torres, Couple Iza Tobias and Jezreel Autor decided to push through their wedding ceremony amid the enormous volcanic ash behind them.

Photo Credit: Pewee Torres

Likewise, Chino and Kat Palomar also exchanged vows in Savannah Farm in Alfonso, Cavite. Photographer Randolf Evan captured the couple’s wedding with the ash column from the Taal Volcano on Sunday afternoon.

Photo Credit: Randolf Evan

Chino and Kat were 10 miles from the Taal Volcano when Evan captured the dramatic shots of the couple. The photo features the ash plume in the backdrop.

Meanwhile, PhiVolcs (Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology) has already raised alert level 4 over Taal Volcano after the volcanic island spewed a giant column of steam and ash on Sunday night. Furthermore, Phivolcs noted that Alert level 4 means a hazardous explosive eruption is possible within hours to days.

Total evacuation is now underway as advised by the agency especially those residing in Taal Volcano island and areas within a 14-kilometer radius from the main crater.

Stay safe!

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