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Model Jerico Pasumbal is ready to reinvent himself

Model Jerico Pasumbal is ready to reinvent himself

Growing up, it has been Jerico Pasumbal’s obscure dream to become a model. He has kept it as a secret among family and friends because he didn’t think he’d actually have the confidence to pursue entering this industry.
But he proved himself wrong.
Currently, Jerico is working as a full-time graphic design time lead to a creative agency. He joined Red Models because he is now ready to reinvent himself and take the steps to achieve his then-secret dream.
“During those times my confidence was so low, I didn’t think that I’d actually have what it takes to be a model or even at least meet the standards of the industry. Now that I’ve built enough confidence and invested in myself as the years went by, I just made a leap of faith and took my chances. I’m very lucky that the RED family took me in and I will be forever grateful for that opportunity.”
Outside of work, he indulges in a lot of hobbies, including playing video games or watching a lot of movies and Netflix. He was also a gym rat before the pandemic hit in his stride to keep his overall health in check.
“And whatever spare time I have left, I take on Muay Thai/martial arts and dance classes (before the pandemic) Not that I’m actually good at either of those, I just enjoy doing them. I’m also a sneakerhead so I love collecting and wearing shoes.”
Jerico is nothing but excited to be a model and he’s eager to make it big in this career. He added that it’s high time that he vies for a better version of himself.
“I’m very excited as to where my modeling career will take me. I’m looking forward to meeting lots of new people, sharing and learning experiences with them, and of course trying lots of new things that will help me grow as a person.”
When asked how talents like him could adjust to the new normal set-up, Jiro took the opportunity to share bits of wisdom and encouragement among his fellow models and artists.
“These times are tough and as someone who came from a place of struggle mentally, I’d like everyone, not just the artists, to prioritize their mental health as they do with their physical health. Take care of yourself and be mindful of what you post online. Use social media as a tool to help others whenever you can, and be kind.”
A curious person by nature, as he described himself, Jerico is keen to dabble on a lot of different things.
“Instead of labeling myself as having talents, I’d rather say that I’m an eager person and that I’m always willing to learn. My innate curiosity and receptiveness are what will set me apart.”
Follow where his dreams will take him on Jiro’s social media pages!


Manager | Josh Austria

Photographer | Jai Murcillo

Stylist | Jowie Namayan

Hair | Arthur Tolentino

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