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Jeric Gonzales Is More Than Just A Leading Man

Jeric Gonzales Is More Than Just A Leading Man


We have all seen heartthrobs on television series or movies. The entertainment industry continues to give us quality content with actors and actresses who look straight out of a fashion catalog. Aside from their exceedingly good looks, they also wow us with their pure and amazing talent — Jeric Gonzales is one of those actors.

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Jeric Gonzales and his love for acting

He has the talent to make us feel as if we’re with them. Although he admits that singing actually remains his forte, he immediately realized his love for acting. He falls in love with every character he portrays. He finds the craft interesting due to the experience and knowledge he gets from each role.

Jeric never expected to have such a huge following. He just wants to be the best at what he does and seeing his fans completely support him makes him well up with gratitude. Before, he experienced harsh criticisms with people telling him he’s not a good actor and that he isn’t meant to be a leading man.

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On his way to be a leading man

The thought of those sentences from his critics made him work harder for it. With his growing success on screen, he can see his path to his dream and he promised to remain fearless and vigilant in achieving it. Truthfully so as he stars as the leading man of two wonderful ladies in GMA Network’s Magkaagaw: Sheryl Cruz and Klea Pineda.


With Jeric’s eighteen-year gap with Sheryl, his role as Jio in Magkaagaw certainly looks as if it’s his hardest. Their intimate workshops gave way to his desire to do good as they film hot and daring scenes. He also shows off his versatility as he portrays the more vulnerable side of his character alongside Klea. 

The pressure of being a lead

Magkaagaw instills a little bit of pressure on our leading man as he never imagined portraying such role. Aside from Sheryl and Klea, he also acts alongside Sunshine Dizon, showing off a whole roster of talented actresses that he has to level with. He shared that he is in almost all of intense scenes in the show, making him feel more pressure than he’s used to. 


Jeric Gonzales admits he is a little similar to Jio. However, it doesn’t particularly mean he would have an affair with women older than him. He discloses their similarities in a way that Jio dreams big when it comes to his family. He wants to give them a big house and a comfortably happy life. He shares his dream to have a family, with a wife that he could share and work everything with. 

Facing the realities of his dreams

When it comes to performing, he reveals he feels a little bit anxious especially when it’s a live event. He deals with his own nervousness and using it as a fuel to his fiery desire of doing good. Preparing himself for a role or a performance, he makes himself certainly ready and alert for the things he is about to do. Before he works, he tries to relax and even exercise to make every move and action perfect. 

Jeric Gonzales

Jeric has learned a lot through his years in the industry. He shared that one should remain humble every single time and to every single person one will interact with. He also pointed out that one should remain kind to everyone he works with. His argument remains valid as he noted that one wouldn’t be in the industry if it weren’t for the said people.

Nothing but gratitude and continuous hard work

If he didn’t pursue acting, Jeric would probably be a nurse. He would have took a job after he graduated as a nursing student. Aside from that, he would have started his career in music and started a band which remains one of the things he always wanted to do. 

Jeric Gonzales

If given the opportunity, Jeric has something to say to his younger self. 

“Siguro mas naging aware, mas naging responsible. Maraming opportunities ang nagdaan or chances, pero parang nag-relax lang ako ng ganun. Dumaan lang. Dapat lahat ng ginagawa mo, galingan mo na. Make the most out of it while enjoying it.”

Jeric Gonzales

Jeric also remains grateful to his dear fans who continue to support him every single step of the way. 

“Sa lahat ng sumusuporta sa akin, thank you so much for believing. Sana patuloy niyo akong suportahan kahit ano man gawin ko… Kahit anong role ang gawin ko, sana suportahan niyo pa rin ako. Thank you. Thank you so much.”

Producer | Angela Baltan

Photographer | Dom Cruz

Film by Onin Estrella

Assisted by Charles Cabico

Stylist | Chino Aguilar

Makeup Artist | Angel Tato

Hairstylist | Arthur Tolentino

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Production Assistant | Candie Ramos

Shot in Studio 808

Special Thanks To Chester Jan Singian and GMA Artist Center

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