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Jadaone’s ‘Fan Girl’ sets to premiere in special lineup for 2020 TIFF

Jadaone’s ‘Fan Girl’ sets to premiere in special lineup for 2020 TIFF

Good news, Filipino movie fans! Antoinette Jadaone‘s Fan Girl has been chosen as a representative of the 2020 Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF). The film festival will happen in Japan, running from October 31 to November 9. Along with 31 other films, the movie will be screened under a special lineup. Of course, this features both veteran and emerging directors.

‘Fan Girl’ sets to premiere in a special lineup for 2020 TIFF

Scheduled for October 31, Fan Girl resides among the films selected for TIFF’s new Tokyo Premiere 2020 section. This also features a combined version of the festival’s three main sections. This includes competition, Asian Future, and Japanese Cinema. The movie will be up for the Audience Award, the only award that will be handed out this year.

Overzealous fan finds out ‘horrifying truth’ 

Just in case you didn’t know, Fan Girl revolves around an obsessed teenager who finds herself in a mansion with her celebrity idol – Paulo Avelino. And yes, Paulo portrays himself in the movie. The fan girl, on the other hand, learns exactly why people say to never meet your heroes.

Starring Charlie Dizon as the overzealous fan herself, the movie became a huge topic due to the unique concept. Plus, Jadaone didn’t exactly give us any choice but to freak out over her sneak-peeks as she constantly posts photos of Avelino treating the wound of a faceless girl in a high school uniform.

Photo from Antoinette Jadaone | Instagram

Fan Girl falls under a collaboration between ABS-CBN Film’s Black Sheep, Globe Studios, Project 8, Epicmedia, and Crossword Productions.

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