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INSTAGRAM RAID: Angel Dei in her yoga fits

INSTAGRAM RAID: Angel Dei in her yoga fits

Angel Dei Peralta is one of the most popular social media content creators in the Philippines. She creates travel, makeup, and lifestyle videos. She is also known for her body goals and serves as fitspiration (fitness inspiration) for her viewers and followers.

Moreover, she owns Savvy Swim, a locally produced swimwear line in the Philippines. Angel Dei constantly does yoga workout, hiking, swimming, and diving.

With her love for yoga, here are some of her yoga fits for inspiration!

Getting ready

Angel Dei wearing a pair of blue sports bra and biker shorts. It hugs her body well that shows her body shape. Plus the water tumbler to keep her hydrated while working out that you must not forget!

She took this photo before her yoga practice. Angel Dei mentioned in this post’s caption that she wears Lotus Activewear, a Filipino brand. From the name itself, they sell workout outfits like sports bras, tank tops, leggings, shorts, and women’s outerwear. Additionally, Lotus Activewear also has a men’s line and a swimwear line.

Yoga at home

The YouTuber wore a black onesie in this video where she tried doing a TikTok challenge that tests the person’s flexibility. With her bodysuit, she do not need to worry about constantly readjusting her clothes while exercising. Especially in yoga where you frequently shift positions.

Aerial yoga

She tried aerial yoga poses in her solo travel to Bali, Indonesia. Angel Dei availed a five days yoga retreat package that includes unlimited yoga classes. She further explained her experience and the whole trip in her YouTube video on her channel.

She wore a partner of baby blue seamless square neck sports bra and leggings to freely move while doing yoga.


Angel Dei unlocked some new yoga poses in a pair of black seamless square neck sports bra and leggings. She posted this with a touching message in the video. She stated:

“Just remember, 16 year-old you that didn’t think you’d make it would be very proud that you’re here today.”

This is a good reminder that with our hardships, tears, and motivation to do things, our past selves must be proud we made it this far. We achieved things because of the problems we faced and the experiences we learned.

Yoga changed her life

According to Angel Dei, yoga totally changed her life. So here is another day to exercise wearing a match of seamless ribbed bra and leggings in nude. She also posted a video of her wearing this outfit on Instagram.

Through searching, we found out that all of Angel Dei’s outfits in this Instagram raid are from Lotus Activewear. Truly, Filipino brands are making their way to be publicly known. Together with the famous personalities in the Philippines like Angel Dei, they help these outfit brands to grow in the industry.

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