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Hershey Neri is teaching us how to live life perfectly imperfect

Hershey Neri is teaching us how to live life perfectly imperfect


“Hi, guys! So..may kwento ako.” Sounds familiar? Well, if it does then you probably know who Hershey Neri is. This 26-year-old online and TV personality has come a long way since this funny storytime video went viral on social media.

Both shameless and fearless, she is not afraid to be herself, which can be overwhelming at first glance. If you don’t have any idea of who she is, you might think that her personality is all an act, but it isn’t.

Hershey is an example of what you see is what you get and this is what led her to where she is now. Starting as a writer, a content creator and now as an actress, she’s now living the life she’s always wanted. However, this didn’t come easy.

Like most of us, Hershey was once caught in a situation where she was constantly told what to do, how to act, and who she should be. Not wanting to live like this, she finally embraced who she is and is now encouraging her followers to do the same.

Through her content, she displays that not everything has to be perfect; it just has to be authentic. If you think that being yourself is challenging, then let Hershey Neri show you how it’s done. Here are some of her most relatable moments.

She’s Loud

As a self-confessed storyteller, Hershey likes to talk a lot and speak her mind. As previously mentioned, her storytime videos are extremely popular because they encapsulate Hershey in a nutshell. Her humorous exploits are as entertaining to listen to as her over-the-top storytelling abilities.

She’s Quirky

In her YouTube bio, she describes herself as a “wannabe comedian” and it’s easy to see why. Hershey has that innate comedic skills and personal charm that are easy to recognize in her videos.

Whether it’s copying a TikTok trend, doing a duet with a fellow TikToker, or just doing her own thing, Hershey knows how to make people giggle.

She’s Perpetually Clumsy

As her most distinct characteristic, this video alone shows Hershey in her natural state. Grace and poise who? Hershey only knows being careless and awkward.

But she’s also inspiring

In her line of work, Hershey is well aware that her content will not appeal to everyone. Throughout the years, she has learned how to deal with negativity but that doesn’t mean she’s invincible from getting hurt.

In 2020, Hershey shares in a Twitter post how a group of people was spearheading hate towards her. This is because they claim that she’s merely acting dumb and clumsy to gain attention. What’s sad about this was the fact that these people were her peers, people she knew.

In response, Hershey said, “I reflected, thinking what I could have done to them—but that’s the thing. They don’t know me. And so, their opinions shouldn’t matter to me”

After receiving an influx of messages from her friends, she realizes that validation comes in quality, not quantity.

In life, we must understand that we can’t please everybody. No matter how hard we try, it just doesn’t work that way. We don’t have to justify ourselves only to gain acceptance from the wrong people. It is not their voice that we should pay attention to but the voice of those who truly matter.

Hershey’s story and journey teach us that we can be extraordinary by just being who we are.

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