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Herlene Budol reacts to the new Miss Planet Philippines

Herlene Budol reacts to the new Miss Planet Philippines

Herlene Budol reacts to the new Miss Planet Philippines

Following the controversy regarding Maria Luisa Varela, Wilbert Tolentino, and the Miss Planet International organization, Herlene Budol finally speaks up.

A few days ago, Herlene’s manager, Wilbert Tolentino raises his concern regarding Varela’s appointment. In particular is the legitimacy of her participation given that he is the pageant’s current national director.

In a Facebook post, Tolentino explains how the selection of Varela was made without his knowledge. Acquiring the local franchise for at least 3 years, he further claims that the decision constitutes a breach of contract. And as a result, he is considering legal actions.

As of January 21, Miki Antonio has been selected to serve as the new national director for Miss Planet Philippines, according to an announcement from Miss Planet International.

Varela is currently competing at Miss Planet International 2023 taking place in Cambodia. Not catching a break, she would find herself again in the center of attention.

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According to a statement released by Kagandahang Flores, they clarified that Varela is neither trained nor affiliated with the beauty camp. The statement reads:

The KF camp would like to clarify to the public that the current unauthorized representative to the Ms Planet International pageant that will be held in Cambodia was not prepared nor trained by KF for the competition. We do not support this pageant especially given the bad experience endured by our official representative last year in Uganda. We do not endorse the current representative joining Miss Planet International and repudiate any association with her as trainors for this pageant.

In the said post, Herlene would leave a comment, sharing her thoughts on the situation. She expresses concern for Varela due to the hardships and suffering she had to endure herself during the competition. Including the finance and inconsistent franchise ownership information, Herlene states that the pageant is a scam and that if Varela wins, it might be more out of comfort than on the account of her own merit.

Originally appointed as Miss Planet Philippines 2022, Herlene would represent the country at Miss Planet International 2022 in Uganda. However, due to poor management and lack of direction amongst the local organizers, Wilbert opted Herlene to withdraw from the pageant.

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