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#ForYourPeace: TikTok accounts that will bring you peace

#ForYourPeace: TikTok accounts that will bring you peace

Do you also watch TikTok videos before you sleep but end up staying up late scrolling through your FYP? It’s probably because the content you consume may be boosting your mood more than settling you down for sleep.

But, fret not because there are actually a lot of TikTok accounts that can help you fall asleep or just feel peaceful in general. Great for when things get too overwhelming and you only have your phone with you.

The content you absorb on social media actually plays a vital role in your mood. If you absorb a lot of negativity, which is usually prevalent on social media these days, it won’t be good for you. So it is important to manage what you consume and have full control over your socials, and never have it the other way.

Solen Feyissa

#ForYourPeace: TikTok accounts that will bring you peace:

Old Time Hawkey (@oldtimehawkey)

“Well hello, buddy! Can’t sleep eh?”

This TikTok account will welcome you with a calm voice, music, and ambience that it almost feels like a warm hug but in the form of TikTok.  It is led by Fritz, a 34-year-old man living the dream in Michigan. He will be your safe space in this overwhelming digital world. He shares recipes, a peek into his life, and sometimes he plays some old video games. And it keeps getting better when you see his adorable pet dogs, Donnybrook and Kris Draper! His TikTok is just 100% wholesome and very comforting and there’s nothing like it.

Quincy’s Tavern (@quincylk)

Quincy’s Tavern will take you to a world you’d only ever see in your dreams. Quincy is a really cool guy with a very calming voice who will bring you peace with his content. In Quincy’s imaginary fantasy world, he has this wonderful tavern that welcomes anyone who might need some comfort. He shares some recipes, reads poems, guides you on your journey, and will teach you how to do some art crafts. The medieval fantasy aesthetic will get you hooked with his content, too! I personally find it really cool and I wish I could visit his tavern in real life. If you are a DND fan, you would appreciate his content even more.

menwiththepot (@menwiththepot)

I may have to warn you about this one because their content might make you a little bit hungry. But this TikTok account would still give you peace as they cook in the woods using natural methods and materials. The cooking ASMR matched with the peaceful scenery, and occasionally a really cute dog will keep your eyes locked on your screen. The background especially feels so peaceful as you only ever hear the sounds of nature along with the sizzles of the meat being cooked. Might make you hungry, though. So be careful.

molly mashes (@mollymashes)

For ASMR lovers. This TikTok account will relax you with slime, clay and chalk ASMR. This is actually my go-to account when that melatonin tab doesn’t do its job. She’s also frequent at posting new ASMR TikToks so no need to worry about having to watch the same thing over again.

Thepoolguyml (@thep00lguy)

This TikTok account will bless you with pool cleaning ASMR. It is actually weirdly satisfying to watch chemicals being dumped into the water, making that ripple-y sound. Or the powders being mixed into the water making some oddly comforting sound. It might seem a little weird to describe it but try watching a few of his videos and you’d certainly get what I mean.

DonnyDust (@donnydust)

Donny Dust is a professional caveman. I know right? Sounds crazy but it’s real! This TikTok creator shares his lifestyle as a caveman. He teaches his audience how to make literally anything from scratch, which is mostly requested by his followers. From spoons to spears, this man can do anything with materials found in the forest. It is very interesting because he does it all by hand and with knowledge alone. How does he post TikToks if he lives in the wild you ask? Well, he owns a phone that he recharges through a solar panel and yes, he does have an internet connection. Extraordinary, knowledgeable, and entertaining content, all in one account.

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The Vintage Journal (@the_vintage_journal)

This one is for people who are suckers for arts and crafts. This creator shares aesthetic DIY craft-making tutorials, journaling designs, and even watercolor painting TikToks. Often accompanied by relaxing classical music, these TikTok videos will make you feel cozy and calm. It might also inspire you to do art, even if you might think you’re the least artistic person.

Simon (@zischacraftsman)

Immerse yourself in amazing oriental craftsmanship. This TikTok account shares videos of incredible pottery skills by various artisans starting from scratch. Accompanied by calming background music, this account will definitely bring you in a state of tranquility. At the same time drawing you into the artistic fashion of oriental artistry.

olivia ancell (@theoliviasaurusrex)

If you love fashion and makeup content, this account is perfect for you. Olivia is an amazing TikTok creator. Her signature sweet and soothing voice will definitely make you feel at home. It’s like a safe space. Her style is very different from most beauty influencers because of her gentle commentary. It’s like she’s just conversing with you and telling you how her day went.

Xuerongdie (@xuerongdie)

Absolutely fascinating and satisfying content right here. This account makes make up brushes by hand. And although their content may be repetitive, you just can never get enough of it because it is so absorbing. I recommend watching these if you want to fall asleep faster and I guarantee you that it’ll work! *wink*

♥♥♥ (@ugyarneo762kgebr)

The epitome of peaceful and beautiful, this TikTok account will surely make you appreciate the art of nature even more. This creator makes homemade stuff – from food, cosmetics, home essentials, and many more. Witness the magnificent view of nature as these TikToks are set in an urban paradise. The epitome of peaceful and beautiful, this TikTok account will surely make you appreciate the art of nature even more. This creator makes homemade stuff – from food, cosmetics, home essentials, and many more. Witness the magnificent view of nature as these TikToks are set in an urban paradise.

And you’re all set! If you’re tired from work or school and it is finally your time to rest, go check these TikTok accounts. I assure you, you’d feel better. It’s also a good FYP cleanse if you’re getting tired of the content you see every day. The tikTok algorithm is so easy to manage so make good use of it.

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