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‘Finding Agnes’ inspires us to pursue who we really are

‘Finding Agnes’ inspires us to pursue who we really are

Finding Agnes, a Filipino film that was shot in Morocco which will officially premiere on Netflix today, dramatizes an emotional journey of a successful entrepreneur (Bae) who pieces back together the turbulent life of his estranged mother as he meets her adopted daughter (Ramirez). This is the directing debut of Marla Ancheta and stars Sue Ramirez and Jelson Bae. The film explores the themes of connecting with people, understanding others’ motivations, and in the process of finding yourself.

In an exclusive interview with the cast and the director, we have discovered something deeper about the film and its relevance during this time.

It comes as a complete surprise to know that this is Anchetas’ first film. After watching the film, I want to probe the director’s mind on her mindset of directing this film.

My vision is to build relationships. We should not choose to be alone coz you need people to help you out. To be there for you when you really need it,” the director said.

How is it relevant during this time?

In these dreaded times such as this pandemic, there’s nothing more important than to foster your relationship with your loved ones. If it has been broken, it’s time for reconciliation and patch things up before it’s too late. Because of pride, some are not given the chance to fix what’s broken and bury the hatchet.

The film also tackles how it’s difficult to stay in a marriage when you experience domestic violence, that after freeing from it, you have to deal with the emotional torment and focus on your healing. A film to be shown this way is essential as an educational platform to everyone that these stories happen in real life. Netflix is such an influential platform and films like these reveal the reality of what happens in a typical home.

What about the experience of the actors?

As for Sue, the most challenging for her is to immerse with her character.

The most challenging for me is immersing in the country where I was supposed to be born in. That’s the biggest adjustment for me. Learning the culture and to know what’s not to do. Every country has their own traditions that we should respect and adhere to so it’s a must to learn that. Portraying someone that’s actually from there is the biggest adjustment for me,” she said.


In working with Jelson, it was not easy as he is naturally funny. I can’t stop myself from laughing whatever he does. As you have noticed, he’s a natural ball of sunshine, he lights up a room when he enters. He’s that type of person,” she added

This might be Jelson’s biggest role yet but he was not a bit intimated especially being partnered with an actress with Sue’s caliber.

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She really took care of me, she’s rock and roll and I really learned a lot from her. She really helped me all throughout especially during those times that I was out of my comfort zone,” the comedian admitted.


Why should we watch it?

The film not only talks about personal relationships. It is also a journey of trying to discover yourself, who you really are. If you’re on a journey of trying to find who you really are or what you’re supposed to do, then this is a film you shouldn’t miss.



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